WASHINGTON — Feb. 8, 2022 — Data Society, the leading provider of industry-tailored Data Science Training and cutting-edge AI Solutions to Government Agencies and Fortune 500 companies, announced today that it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) and will collaborate with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) to enable learners with critical AI skills, HPC, and practical application courses.

Data Society has a long history of training tens of thousands of professionals to work with data, do data science, and solve complex business challenges. Data Society creates customized courses for students using real-time organizational data that develop immediately applicable field-tested skills.

“We are proud to join the NPN and offer our customers cutting-edge DLI courses within our learning pathways,” stated Merav Yuravlivker, CEO, Data Society. “We will train thousands on data science that will enable next-generation data-driven solutions to solve challenging problems in healthcare, government, financing, banking, and many other critical industries.”

Through NVIDIA DLI training, learners can advance their knowledge in AI, accelerated computing, data science, graphics, simulation, and more. Deep learning is at the core of the fastest-growing machine learning and AI fields. As an NPN member, Data Society will deliver instructor-led DLI courses to its clients’ teams to help them develop skills in advanced computing and quickly utilize their HPC investments.

“Having up-to-date AI and data science skills is more important than ever, and the DLI offers a broad portfolio of training courses that help technologists, professionals and developers quickly learn the fundamentals and technologies required for accelerated computing,” said Craig Clawson, Director of Deep Learning Institute, NVIDIA. “Working with Data Society will help us reach even more organizations that want to benefit from these courses.”

Data Society’s new LXCP (Learning Experience Communications Platform), meldR, currently in beta, will address the entire learning ecosystem and offer NVIDIA DLI instructor-led courses within its AI-powered pathways, increasing the innovative educational opportunities available to its clients.

“By adding these training capabilities, we will reduce hurdles and increase value for our customers’ investment in NVIDIA HPC products,” stated Jo Ann Stadtmueller, SVP, Commercial & Product Strategy, Data Society.

About Data Society

Data Society specializes in providing industry-tailored data science training and AI/ML solutions that enable Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to educate, equip and empower their workforce. Data Society’s product, meldR, will address the entire learning ecosystem. Since 2014, the company has trained thousands of professionals with the skills needed to solve complex challenges, realize new opportunities, and take their careers to the next level.