BOULDER, Colo. — Feb. 17, 2021 — Circadence Corporation, a market leader in cybersecurity education and training, announced today a new strategic partnership with QA, the UK’s largest technical skills and talent provider.  Circadence will offer its award-winning cyberlearning platform, Project Ares®, to QA’s cybersecurity courses to help professionals quickly build skills, knowledge, and confidence in the cybersecurity field. QA will be the only UK training provider to use Project Ares in its cybersecurity training.

With large volumes of UK employees working remotely during the last year, IT departments are faced with a significantly increased security footprint to manage and secure—just like their North American counterparts. In the latest cybersecurity research, VMWare Carbon Black reported that 98% of security professionals thought the volume of attacks they face increased, while 96% said that attacks were more sophisticated. This rise in cyber threats is a perpetuating problem for businesses looking to minimize their cyber skills gaps internally. The UK Government’s cybersecurity skills study reports that two-thirds (64%) of cyber firms have faced problems with technical cybersecurity skills gaps, either among existing staff or incoming job applicants. A quarter of respondents said that such skills gaps have prevented them from achieving business goals.

QA will use our Project Ares cyber-range-as-a-service platform to deliver a superior cyber learning experience, irrespective of whether students are learning in the classroom or from home. The partnership will leverage the power of gamified cyber range training to close the gap of skilled cyber professionals in the UK,” commented Laurie Webb-DesJardins, Director Global Partnerships at Circadence. “Cybersecurity challenges, coupled with the increased need for remote learning, are impacting every organization across the world. In this environment, partners such as QA are critical to delivering superior customer training through a deep understanding of Circadence’s product and the global cybersecurity landscape. Circadence is proud to have QA as our first strategic partner in the UK.” 

Using Circadence’s Project Ares solution will feed QA students and trainees scenario-based, gamified learning experiences that generate high engagement through leaderboards and badges, which are elements used widely in the gaming world. The learning scenarios also replicate the unpredictability and escalating levels of complexity that cyberattacks can present, enabling QA students and trainees to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a safe, but realistic environment.

“The risk to customer data and intellectual property, as well as the threat of penalties running into millions of pounds, is driving a demand for specialist cybersecurity training that delivers skills business leaders can be confident in,” explains Richard Beck, Director of Cyber at QA. “Gamification provides an engaging learning environment that increases knowledge retention rates, enables players to gain instant feedback on tasks completed or areas that need more attention, and provides a clear sense of learning accomplishments. We are delighted to add Project Ares, Circadence’s game-changing platform, to our cybersecurity portfolio.”


Circadence® Corporation is a market leader in cybersecurity education and training. Powered by a culture of innovation and the demands of an evolving cyber landscape, Circadence offers cyber range learning labs to educators and enterprise security officers across the globe who are looking to teach cybersecurity and train professionals in the practice. Project Ares by Circadence is an award-winning platform that provides hands-on cybersecurity labs that enhance competency-based education for teachers and reinforce readiness objectives for trainers. Its authentic library of threat scenarios are immersive and reflect contemporary threat incidents. Learners have the ability to use real security tools, tactics, and procedures in Project Ares to effectively perform offensive and defensive activities to build cyber skills and competencies on-demand. Circadence is a Microsoft Partner. For more information, visit 


For over 30 years QA has been a trusted training and talent partner for global businesses and government organizations. QA offers a broad range of courses and training services across multiple subject areas to help businesses develop technology talent within their organizations. QA delivers services to over 5,000 corporate clients with training practices in agile, cybersecurity, cloud and DevOps, and many other technology specialisms. QA is a Microsoft Gold delivery partner.  For more information visit