Palo Alto, CA – November 20, 2019 – A new study from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence showcased a troubling statistic: The scales in Computer Science won’t be equal for women for another 100 years. In fact, the study recently put out by Cornell University, “Gender Trends in Computer Science Authorship,” believes that parity between the genders will not be reached in this century, and one global company is hoping to drive meaningful change in how women in Computer Science gain new skills.

From security to data to preparing for what’s next, evolving technologies are critical to the performance and success of a business, but often women are left on the sidelines. Liderança Group is committed to meaningful progress with its newest offering – Women in Tech. With over 3,000 course titles, 100 certification prep and learning paths, and 10,000-plus digital and audiobook summaries, it’s the most comprehensive resource on the market today.

Cathy Light, CEO of Liderança Group expressed her excitement of the program’s launch, saying, “Composers have their Opus, and those in business rarely get to make a lasting impact to pave the way for others; my goal is that our newest program changes the unequal power balance for women in the technology community.” Light continued, “As a Silicon Valley veteran, I’ve sat on both sides of the table, and my goal is to ensure women of every background have access to technical and leadership training that can place them firmly in the driver’s seat of their career.”

Aiming to eliminate the gap and offer women new ways to communicate, gain education and stay ahead of the curve in soft skills- crucial for developing effective leaders and communicators, this first of its kind program is now open for enrollment. Part online resource and part assessment tool, the coursework includes critical areas of high-impact continuous learning for IT professionals of all levels, including:

  • The Women in TECH Program provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at current and future project deliverables. To maximize the time dedicated to learning, sequenced lessons, and learning tools have been specially-built for busy technology professionals, all on their schedule.
  • The Women in LEADERSHIP Program provides quick, convenient access to learning content that promotes the development of leadership skills and addresses the unique challenges faced by women in business. Curated by industry veterans, content was selected to find the most important areas of development for women leaders across three levels of their career – leading the business, leading your team, and leading yourself. The program is comprised of 30 selected courses that included hundreds of videos, books, book summaries, and other resources for development.

Each module provides an abundance of multi-modal resources to prepare for certification exams, trouble-shoot on demand, or acquire new technical skills, all through a model of continual learning to bring the next century and parity between the genders, closer than ever before.

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