SAN FRANCISCO — Dec. 2, 2020 —, the No. 1 Conversation Intelligence Platform for high growth sales teams and Us in Technology, the mission-driven diversity supplier with a goal of diversifying the technology industry, have launched the Chorus Accelerator Program. This program offers a three month paid apprenticeship program aimed toward accelerating and empowering black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) to learn and grow their career in sales and customer success. Chorus and Us in Technology are united in the belief that everybody benefits when companies bring more unique voices and perspectives to the table.

“We are a stronger company and community when our workforces reflect the diversity of our communities and empowers individuals whose voices haven’t been heard. For the professionals who haven’t yet found their seat at the table, the Chorus Accelerator Program is built to help foster essential skills and overall exposure to the SaaS Industry,” says Jim Benton, CEO of “We formed a cross-functional team to build a program that will help create more opportunity and build deep, meaningful, long-lasting connections between Chorus and underserved populations. These actions are important to me, our employees, and the broader community, so we’re developing specific, actionable, and measurable goals for the company.”

The competition for diverse candidates is the highest it’s ever been and companies are facing significant challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining minority talent. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Workforce Diversity report, the technology industry is currently only 1.3% Black and 3.3% Latinx. Us in Technology’s goal is to remove the barriers that prevent the candidates from breaking into the tech industry, as well as provide continual coaching and professional development resources to help minority employees further their careers.

Us in Technology will identify candidates and will train and develop them, providing both education and work experience. The program will pair minority professionals with a mentor in Sales or Customer Success to help equip them with essential skills, networking opportunities, and confidence to break into the tech industry and grow into our leaders of the future.

“The topic of diversity and inclusion has become trendy right now, but the action that companies take matters most,” says Kendrick Trotter, the Founder of Us in Technology. “Actions are a reflection of a company’s intentions. Chorus has put skin in the game by developing Project Choir’s Accelerator Program. By partnering with them, we hope to attract more D&I candidates to join the tech space, help retain them, and lead the way for companies to develop similar programs.”

The launch of this program will generate a strong pool of qualified, entry-level tech sales and customer success candidates to fuel the funnel of diverse professionals. Upon completion of the program, companies will then be able to hire these mentees.

If you would like to get involved in the Accelerator Program or are interested in applying to the program, visit

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About Us In Technology, Inc.

Us in Technology’s mission is to help diversify the technology industry and they are already working with top technology firms to place minorities and historically excluded individuals in entry-level sales roles. We define minorities as underrepresented ethnicities, members of the LGBTQ community, and first generation college graduates. UiT partners with companies that exhibit a strong DEI culture and are committed to investing in the success and career development of minority professionals. Once part of UiT, mentees have access to continuous learning opportunities throughout their career to improve their skills and prepare them for their next role. To learn more please visit