Chicago – July 9, 2019 – Today the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the global leader in supply chain learning, transformation, innovation and leadership, announced the development of a new exam-building technology called Rapid Item Development (RapID™). This new, patent-pending methodology creates high-quality test questions more quickly, allows the expansion of key topics and enhances security for exams.

The goals of credentialing organizations can differ quite drastically, but the need for item growth is a challenge shared industry-wide. Keeping pace with innovation often requires frequent updates, resulting in a constant demand for current, verified data. The RapID methodology delivers fast-tracking item bank expansion to achieve this level of growth. By leveraging Automated Item Generation (AIG) and a cloning process, RapID uses intelligent templates to test key concepts and content areas more efficiently. Thus, ensuring the relevancy of content with respect to changing industry needs.

ASCM recently conducted a successful pilot test of the RapID process using 13 item templates. The pilot verified the statistical properties of the templates used and validated the ability to use these templates in the expansion of the item bank. The methodology is designed to achieve a number of strategic business goals. Specifically, the benefits of RapID include:

  • Reduced exposure to security breaches by having more items from which to choose during exam form development
  • Eliminates the need to repeat pretesting for variations on a specific topic or methodology
  • Increases opportunities to pretest different question types and levels of thinking
  • Ability to quickly develop new questions
  • Reduced test development costs while keeping exam content current and increasing test security
  • Expanded testing windows, even as far as on-demand testing, to allow candidates flexibility in taking the exam on their schedule

More details about the technology and the pilot test  can be found in the whitepaper: Rapid Item Development (RapID™): Using Intelligent Templates to Fast-Track Item Expansion.

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