Dallas – October 24, 2017 – ViaTech Solutions, a leading provider of content distribution and collaboration platforms for training and development organizations, now offers the industry’s most dynamic and powerful enterprise-grade digital reader. The new release of ViaTech’s Active ReaderTM software allows users to create comprehensive annotations, video and audio memos all directly into a secure digital document. The Active Reader makes document “version confusion” a thing of the past with the new Notebook feature. If any document in Active Reader’s library is updated, the notes associated with that document are saved and can be added back into the updated document. This allows learners to take notes and make annotations directly in a digital document without worrying about newer versions deleting their notes or having to make manual transfers.

Michael Bertuch, ViaTech’s CEO, referred to Active Reader as “revolutionary” and said, “Active Reader leapfrogs current technology – no longer will files need to be created in or converted to EPUB3 or PDF to be readable on any mobile device. Best of all, Active Reader is in the process of becoming Hi-Trust compliant, giving users complete confidence in the security of their most important materials.” ViaTech will be offering live demonstrations of Active Reader at DevLearn 2017 in Las Vegas at booth 324.

Active Reader eliminates the need for source file conversion and enables secure electronic document delivery, transforming any device into a content management platform capable of engaging authenticated users with customizable content. Along with the ViaTech content management platform, ViaOne, Active Reader tracks content usage, collaboration, and provides a platform to report detailed analytics back to the training teams to evaluate content effectiveness.

Active Reader compliments an organizations’ existing Learning Management System (LMS) and other content platforms by allowing administrators to create profiles for user groups and then push out any type of content to the right users when and where they need it. In a corporate training environment, instructors can create profiles for their classes and then push learning content through mobile devices, print, or both to the right users before, during, and after their training has taken place. This results in a blended learning experience for the user, enabling learning on-demand and collaboration between employees and trainers.

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