Singapore – June 21, 2019 – Verztec Consulting, a leading provider of end-to-end Digital Learning solutions and Professional Language Translation announced today that it has partnered with Skillsoft to provide companies in the South East Asia Region with a wider spectrum of corporate learning content.

Digital technology is now everywhere. Technologies such as smart mobile devices, 3D printing, sensors, cognitive computing, and the “Internet of Things” are changing the way companies design, manufacture, and deliver almost every product and service. In parallel, digital disruption and social networking have changed the way organizations hire, manage, and train people.

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics, almost every industry is evolving at an accelerated pace. The nature of jobs and work itself is changing at the same time. A new world of job opportunities is created, where many employees will work and collaborate with robots and learning machines.

Further, the rise of social networking tools and apps leave companies more transparent. All these change calls for the critical need for a workforce to be equipped with the latest applicable knowledge, in the most effective way.

“Skillsoft’s partnership with Verztec reinforces our commitment to bringing world-class corporate learning to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam,” said Dan Cleveland, Vice President of Partners & Alliances, Skillsoft.

Together, Skillsoft and Verztec will provide localized solutions featuring Compliance and Technology & Developer content delivered on the award-winning intelligent learning experience platform, Percipio. The solutions will enable local governments as well as organizations in banking, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail, among others, to gain a competitive advantage in the digital economy by offering continual learning as a means to attract, develop and retain skilled, expert labor.

Established since Year 2000, Verztec has provided learning management platform solutions and developed over 3000 hours of custom E-Learning and training videos in the area of New Employee Orientation, Technical Training, Compliance, Soft skills and Sales for numerous global corporations.

Working closely with a global network of 10,000 certified professional language partners, Verztec also offers full localization and translation of E-learning courses and various training program materials for clients into more than 100 languages for global training.

“It is our privilege to be partnering with Skillsoft and to represent their wide range of training products in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The Skillsoft team has invested a lot of time and effort over the years to produce world-class corporate learning courses that address the real needs and challenges of the global business environment today. Verztec and Skillsoft share very similar values, culture and philosophy – and that we measure our success by the results we get for our clients.

Our goal is to help organizations gain a competitive advantage in the digital economy with continual learning, and to equip today’s workforce with relevant skills to adapt better to industry changes. With the Verztec-Skillsoft Partnership and Verztec’s expertise in Digital Learning solutions and Localization, we can certainly create more value for all our clients and future ones to come.” Said Nicholas Goh, Group CEO of Verztec Consulting

About Verztec

Verztec is a leading ISO 9001:2015 Globalization Company trusted by hundreds of renowned global brands such as Google, Bosch, Fedex, UPS, HP, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Novartis, P&G, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, and UBS.

Founded in Year 2000, Verztec assists companies around the world to design, develop, localize and publish their global communication messages in over 100 languages across various channels. Verztec’s core services – Professional Language Services, Digital Learning and Global Creative Design help companies enter into new markets faster and more effectively.

Over the years, Verztec has earned a reputation for providing strategic guidance for the digital publishing and content delivery of global training programs.

Today, Verztec serves one third of the world’s Fortune 500 Corporations from industry sectors such as Medical, Aviation, Petrochemical, Banking and Finance, Legal, IT, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Energy etc. Learn more at

About Skillsoft

Skillsoft is a global leader in corporate learning, delivering beautiful technology and engaging content that drives business impact for modern enterprises. Skillsoft comprises three award-winning systems that support learning, performance and success: Skillsoft learning content, the Percipio intelligent learning experience platform and the SumTotal suite for Human Capital Management.

Skillsoft provides a comprehensive selection of cloud-based corporate learning content, including courses, videos, books and other resources on Business and Management Skills, Leadership Development, Digital Transformation, Technology & Developer, Productivity and Collaboration Tools and Compliance. Percipio’s intuitive design engages modern learners and its consumer-led experience assists in accelerating learning. The SumTotal suite features four key components built on a unified platform: Learning Management, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management.

Skillsoft is trusted by thousands of the world’s leading organizations, including 65 percent of the Fortune 500. Learn more at