New York – February 5, 2018 – Time to Know, a provider of next generation education technology solutions, today announced the launch of T2K Echo, the company’s new blended learning technology solution intended to enable any corporation with ongoing employee and executive training requirements to achieve improved business results. T2K Echo is an active learning environment featuring social engagement and human interaction for the learner while at the same time providing a much deeper array of actionable insights and in-depth analytics for the trainer to ultimately produce an online learning experience that is enjoyable and effective.

“Today’s online and distance learning solutions are often ineffective because they lack human interaction and are, quite simply, boring,” said Yair Brosh, CEO, Time To Know. “The learner is compelled to achieve only the bare minimum required by their employer and the organization lacks a true understanding as to how well the training content is being absorbed and if the training contribute the achievement of business goals. T2K Echo was designed to address these problems by delivering effective learning in an active, insight-driven, and socially engaging environment.”

Recent studies suggest that 50-55% of corporate learners drop out of training programs before completion. Those who do stay with the program tend to do just enough to pass the test. But they fail to achieve true mastery of the subject matter. T2K Echo incorporates real-time human engagement and timely interventions, and a host of interactive elements to make learning meaningful and intellectually stimulating.

Corporate trainers, human resources, managers and others in the organization responsible for training, can enrich content on T2K Echo by adding immersive interactions, including games, quizzes, videos, audio, as well as social collaboration features and other interactive features to keep the learner enthused and motivated. The analytics dashboard allows the organization to keep tabs, in real-time, on progress and take the necessary actions to ensure that learners are truly engaging with the curriculum in the desired manner. As a result, the organization can train a greater number of employees, enhance their skills-sets and improve their performance, maximizing ROT, “Return on Training.”

“In many of today’s training solutions, the organization has limited visibility into the performance and achievement level of the learner,” Brosh continued. “Echo’s unique analytics capabilities generate the type of actionable insights that trainers can use to more fully understand the engagement level of the learner, enabling them to intervene when necessary or possibly make changes to the content to stimulate a better outcome.”

T2K Echo is ideal for any organization operating in an industry where ongoing learning and training is required for both new and existing employees. For more information or to request a demonstration, please visit

About Time to Know:

Time to Know is the next-generation Education Technology solutions company that transforms your training into business results. By placing the instructor and the learner in the center of the learning process, they are closely connected to boost learner success. With more than a decade of Ed-Tech experience and expertise, Time To Know’s solutions are trusted by top organizations to deliver effective learning through a social engaging learning environment, 360° views of data analytics and actionable insights. By utilizing our data analytics reports and BI tool, organizations can make impactful data-driven decisions for growing their businesses.