The Montana Society of Engineers certifies the Engineering Leadership Institute’s initial offering of the online Performance Certification System™

Bozeman, MT – February 9, 2018 – The Engineering Leadership Institute (ELI) has released the initial offering, Personal Effectiveness Competencies, of the groundbreaking Performance Certification System. Personal Effectiveness Competencies cover essential soft, or Success Enabling Skills, like interpersonal skills, integrity, professionalism, initiative, adaptability, dependability, and lifelong learning. The Montana Society of Engineers has given their seal of approval, based upon the determination the course satisfies the requirements of the State of Montana, meets the educational needs for professional engineers, and produces the desired learning outcomes.

The Performance Certification System assesses the Success Enabling Skills competencies of engineering practitioners as they enter each course in the curriculum, enabling learners to build competencies in skills not typically provided by academic institutions or professional development programs. The platform identifies gaps in skill competencies and provides the engineer with a personalized roadmap to fill those gaps, making them more effective in the workplace and their careers, and generating higher operating profits for their organization.

After completing each course in the Personal Effectiveness Competencies curriculum, the Performance Certification System evaluates the students’ grasp, awareness of, openness to, and the importance they assign to Success Enabling Skills. Upon completion of the courses, the Performance Certification System issues a web-based digital badge, 8.0 Professional Development Hours, and establishes a foundation for lifelong learning and overall career success.

Randy P. Wall, P.E., president and founder of ELI, said, “The certification by the Montana Society of Engineers significantly advances our mission to enable the success of individual practitioners as well as the entire engineering industry. The conspicuous gap in soft, or Success Enabling Skills, creates a barrier to the growth and profitability of many engineering firms. The Performance Certification System provides individuals and organizations with the tools to overcome the Success Enabling Skills barrier. ELI’s innovative Performance Certification System plugs the troublesome Success Enabling Skills gap for all segments of the engineering industry and ignites success across all generations of engineering professionals.”

About the Engineering Leadership Institute

The Engineering Leadership Institute was created to fill the Success Enabling Skills gap in the engineering industry. Randy P. Wall, PE, MPA, and Mary B. Wall, PE have developed a success focused, affordable, online curriculum grounded in over 60 years of cumulative experience managing engineers, business ownership, and providing collaborative project management solutions for small to large sized engineering firms. The ELI curriculum includes video-based trainings, performance certification, and digital badging, providing individuals the Success Enabling Skills to succeed and excel in the workplace, while equipping organizations to empower and engage their employees, improve customer loyalty, and significantly improve operating profits.

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