Boston – March 12, 2019 – O’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, today announced the launch of Pro Series by O’Reilly blended courses, a new outcome-driven program that combines the power of O’Reilly’s online learning platform with in-person instructor training by practicing experts in the field. The result is a comprehensive learning experience for individuals, teams and businesses on some of the most important technical and business areas facing enterprises today – such as artificial intelligence, operations, data, UX design, finance, leadership and more.

In today’s work environment, employees are looking to quickly gain the skills needed to advance their careers. The difficulty that many employees and organizations face is in trying to balance the time needed to learn new skills with the requirements and expectations of their current position. Through a blended format, Pro Series by O’Reilly courses allow employees to quickly acquire new skills through the unique combination of self-paced online learning and a small commitment of in-person class time. That way, new skills are learned – and time out of the office is minimized.

O’Reilly’s first Pro Series courses will focus on data science. The first course is perfect for a business analyst or software developer that wants to take the initial steps toward transitioning into a data scientist role; a data analyst looking to get an edge with better insights; managers of business intelligence, analytics, or data teams; anyone with some coding experience who wants to take a programmatic approach to exploring data, or who wants more hands-on work with data science. “Foundations of Data Science Using Python” is the first segment of the three-part “Pro Series: Data Science” blended courses – and highlights how Python can be used to identify, prepare and clean datasets, as well as to explore said data, build and evaluate models and surface insights that can lead to business improvements.

“Pro Series blended courses continue our mission of providing technology and business professionals with the ability to learn leading-edge, career-advancing skills that can be directly applied to their day-to-day work,” said Karen Hebert-Maccaro, Chief Learning Experience Officer, O’Reilly. “Through the combination of online and in-person learning, we can ensure that working professionals are not only taught the latest information, but are also put in a situation where they have to use those skills, resulting in better educated employees and a more immediate return on investment.”

Pro Series by O’Reilly blended courses are designed to be learner-centric, providing an engaging learning experience through clear learning objectives, interactions with experts, multi-modal training, collaboration with peers, hands-on practice and a blend of live and asynchronous learning events.

A cohort of learners will take their journey together. First, through the interactive, online experience – which includes regular check-ins with an expert instructor. Then, through in-person sessions to further, learn, collaborate and demonstrate mastery of skills with fellow professionals from a mix of industries. The group’s assigned instructor will remain with them from the first day of the online session through to the end of their in-person training session (and possibly beyond). Working closely with this expert throughout the entire experience will keep learners engaged and motivated, ensuring they get the most out of each class.

Pro Series by O’Reilly blended courses are three-week long courses, offered in a three-course series, taking part at various times throughout the year. The online content takes 2 weeks to complete and should require roughly 8-10 hours of work per week. While most of the content is self-paced, it will be structured to be taken in weekly chunks, so that everyone in the cohort is doing roughly the same work at the same time. The work contains several hands-on assignments that learners will complete before attending the live, in-person session.  Each course culminates with a two day live, in-person session with a class cohort hosted in a major U.S. city – with New York, NY being the first for the data science series.

Completing all three courses in a Pro Series qualifies a learner to sit for a practice-based examination, which, if passed, earns the learner a certificate in that subject. Backed by O’Reilly’s 40 years as the leader in business and technical learning, a Pro Series Certificate is based on both practical assessments that demonstrate mastery – and the ability to effectively apply said knowledge and skills to real world problems.

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