Seattle, WA, May 6, 2014 — Intrepid Learning announced the launch of their latest innovation in corporate learning and development, the Intrepid Agile Corporate MOOC solution. The product is inspired by academic MOOCs (massive open online courses), but is designed specifically for use in corporate environments.

The product debuts this week.

In conjunction with the product launch, Intrepid Learning is scheduled to host a massive open online course (MOOC) educating corporate leaders about the value of corporate MOOCs as a solution to solve key business challenges. The MOOC is scheduled to begin on June 9.

“We believe that corporate MOOCs have the ability to radically change the way we deliver and experience learning in the corporate environment,” said Sam Herring, CEO of Intrepid Learning. “Corporate MOOCs have the ability to solve very specific business problems, such as educating customers and partners, identifying and acquiring new talent, and deploying learning solutions at scale.”

The MOOC offers learners an opportunity to experience the Intrepid Agile Corporate MOOC solution firsthand. At the end of the three-week MOOC, participants would be able to:

  • Articulate the value proposition of MOOCs to an organization
  • Identify the critical elements that make a corporate MOOC successful
  • Formulate a corporate MOOC strategy
  • Develop a high-level MOOC design for their organization

About the Intrepid Agile Corporate MOOC

The Intrepid Agile Corporate MOOC solution is built on the renowned Intrepid Agile platform, which is optimized to deliver a fully-realized collaborative learning experience. Features of the platform include gamification, social, collaborative tools, and learning paths to train specific skills.

About Intrepid Learning

Intrepid Learning is an organization of 300-plus learning professionals who design and deliver technology-enabled learning solutions and strategic learning consulting services. These solutions and services adapt to how individuals learn best, and they also scale to meet an organization‘s business needs and challenges. Intrepid believes that learning can empower individuals and transform organizations. The company is also committed to the idea that learning, when expertly designed and delivered, can drive business performance and growth. Founded in 1999, Intrepid is passionate about learning – and exclusively dedicated to it.