Nashville, TN – February 19, 2019 – Apto Global, the world’s first global adaptation skills platform, announces today the launch of the next generation of its flagship product, Apto 2.0, combining culture, language and local knowledge for a personalized learning experience. Apto 2.0 features improved navigation and dynamic level-based content, to guide users on learning paths for relocation, travel and cross-cultural collaboration. The latest product features new courses and content as well as global support and performance upgrades to enhance user experience.

“Since our initial product launch we’ve scaled our business to serve users across 135 countries and five different languages,” says Traci Snowden, CEO of Apto Global. “We’ve expanded our development team in Nashville to bring new product innovations to market and we’re gaining traction in the Middle East North Africa, Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific regions.”

Apto Global’s Strategic Services Group partners with organizations worldwide to plan, deploy and manage custom virtual learning solutions and global training programs. The company’s SaaS platform delivers language, culture and global adaptation skills training through interactive experiences with real life locals.

Major product enhancements and additions to Apto 2.0 include:

  • Redesigned user interface: A cleaner, streamlined design provides easier learning module navigation.
  • Enhanced onboarding: Guides and personalization features create user learning paths and focus, based on their personal learning goals.
  • Content personalization and dynamic curation: Allows learners to more readily discover relevant courses, by category and scenario.
  • Content grading: Customized assessments and dynamic level-based content provide optimal learning experiences for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

Apto Global also announces the expansion of its product development and global sales team in recent months, including the following new strategic hires:

  • Kei Gowda, Director of Product
  • Anton Visser, Director of Technology
  • Andrew Polacek, Sales & Marketing Director
  • Maureen Higgins, Product Manager
  • Kenithe Biggs, Director of Customer Experience
  • John Emrich, Executive Administrator, Business Development Operations

About Apto Global  
Apto Global is the world’s first global adaptation skills platform. Learners in 135 countries are actively using Apto Global to prepare for travel, relocation and interaction across the world. Apto Global is the only experiential learning platform that combines training for culture and language with local knowledge. The company has partnered with Nissan, Mitsubishi, Bridgestone and Asurion among others. For more information, visit