LOS ANGELES — March 29, 2022 — The Female Quotient (The FQ), an equality services company creating platforms for women and developing solutions for organizations committed to equality, announces its expansion into the Metaverse, following the purchase of land in Decentraland, Sandbox, and NFT Worlds.

The FQ’s entrance into the Metaverse will provide more opportunities for women of various intersecting identities to connect, learn and grow within the Metaverse. The company will expand its Equality Lounge programming into the Metaverse space, establishing a hub to bring together women and leaders across the Metaverse to change the future of work, ensuring that no woman is left behind in Web3. The Equality Lounge, which will open in early 2022, will be built by House of Tang and Metaverse Architect, Tangpoko (Tracy Tang). Images available here, courtesy of The Female Quotient. Banquet Labs LLC, a multiverse company that actively counsel businesses as well as create events and experiences in the Metaverse, has served as strategic partners for the launch of The FQ’s Metaverse.

“The Female Quotient’s Equality Lounge has been a staple at Davos, Cannes Lions, SXSW, CES, NBA All-Star and other key global conferences and events, and we are excited to build on its programming by entering into the Metaverse,” said Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient. “The expansion of the Equality Lounge into the Metaverse will create the first-ever forum for equality conversations in Web3, positioning women at the forefront of the conversation. It is our goal to provide the largest networking hub in the Metaverse for women and conscious leaders who are committed to expanding equality.

Beginning with Decentraland, The FQ will create a series of interactive experiences and opportunities to give more visibility for women in and looking to enter the Metaverse, including:

  • Metaverse Onboarding Tour: Creating an educational launch pad, The FQ will work directly with women and businesses interested in entering the Metaverse. The programming will include a 60 to 120-minute Metaverse tour, including an introduction to Discord, setting up a wallet, exploring the Metaverse and showing how to add wearables to an avatar, purchase an NFT and more.
  • Signature Events: Producing high-level programming and Metaverse experiences, focused on supporting and connecting women in The FQ’s Equality Lounge space. The FQ plans to host a series of events and programming throughout the year, with at least one recurring series every month and twin Equality Lounges IRL and in the metaverse.
  • Inclusive Space: Mirroring the Equality Lounge IRL, The FQ will make its Metaverse space available to showcase female founders, entrepreneurs, activists, and organizations who are looking to host their own events, showcase their talents, and more.

Since inception, The FQ has hosted more than 150 IRL Equality Lounges. In 2020, the FQ launched its virtual Equality Lounge platform and has since produced more than 800 equality-focused virtual events and programs.

“It is important women have the resources they need to get involved in the Metaverse. Today’s virtual capabilities are creating new opportunities, and we are eager to invite our seasoned women leaders across all industries to join us in ensuring the future of the Metaverse and Web3 is equitable for all, from the start,” said Talia Bender Small, President of The Female Quotient.

About The Female Quotient

Founded in 2007, The Female Quotient (The FQ) is an equality services company that provides thought leadership platforms for women and develops solutions for organizations committed to closing the gender gap in the workplace. Through its intensive engagement with women around the world, in multiple industries, and at every level, The FQ has a rare understanding of what is on the minds of working women and what specific needs must be addressed to confront existing inequalities.