DALLAS — October 19, 2020 — Work Shield, the only solution that partners with employers to manage the reporting, investigation and resolution of workplace harassment and discrimination issues in their entirety, announced today the addition of additional Texas financial institutions as Work Shield-certified employers, including, among others, Benchmark Bank and Texas Security Bank. With Work Shield, these banks are making a proactive investment to protect their people and preserve their cultures.

Since 2000, the financial services industry has paid more than $530 million in damages and settlements as a result of harassment and discrimination lawsuits.1 Major banks rank high among companies who have been the most frequently named in such litigation. With constant headlines spotlighting the continued rise of harassment and discrimination issues across all industries, leaders are increasingly taking proactive steps toward healthier cultures built on the foundation of integrity and trust, now more than ever. Given the historical data of the financial services industry, these three banks are taking a pre-emptive approach to ensure that they are not part of the statistical numbers. With workplace cultures acting as a microcosm of what is going on in society, the financial industry is particularly focused on ensuring that diversity, inclusion and equality issues are being properly addressed.

“Work Shield not only addresses incidents that may occur within an employer, but also is an important step to optimize an employer’s DE&I initiatives and allow cultures to succeed,” states Jared Pope, CEO and Founder of Work Shield.

Benchmark Bank and Texas Security Bank will now have access to Work Shield’s all-inclusive solution that combines a user-friendly, safe, and secure reporting platform with Work Shield-certified professionals who investigate and ensure a clear path to resolution of any harassment, discrimination or Title VII issues. Carlene Towb, Sr. VP – Human Resources of Benchmark Bank, provides that “We are excited to roll out Work Shield to ensure that our employees’ voices are not only heard, but that should an issue arise, it will be handled immediately.”

Since 2018, Work Shield has helped employers save millions of dollars in potential costs that incur when claims escalate to the EEOC. With the Work Shield platform, employees can safely report incidences without fear of retaliation and have assurance that every report will be thoroughly investigated by an independent third party. These banks are given peace of mind that investigations will be comprehensively and efficiently managed, while mitigating risk and building a culture based on trust and accountability.

“With the implementation of Work Shield, we’ve already seen an enhancement of our culture among our associates,” observes Lynne Minter, VP/Director of Human Resources for Texas Security Bank. “Work Shield’s process is unlike any other solution in the market.”

“We are so proud of the businesses who proactively take care of their people and their cultures, and that should be celebrated,” said Jared Pope, CEO and founder of Work Shield. “By removing themselves from the investigation process, Work Shield clients build and bolster genuine trust amongst their employees. From our experience working with clients across a wide range of industries, we continue to find that no company or industry is exempt from harassment or discrimination issues. We are thrilled to be a part of the proactive steps that these financial institutions are taking in order to ensure that their employees’ voices are heard and their cultures are protected.”

About Work Shield

Founded in 2018, Work Shield is the only solution that partners with employers to efficiently manage reporting, investigation and resolution of workplace harassment and discrimination issues in their entirety. For the first time, employees have access to an immediate and impartial secure platform to safely voice harassment and discrimination incidents, while employers are ensured peace of mind that every issue is investigated and resolved with care by Work Shield-certified legal professionals. Implementing the Work Shield solution fosters a more positive and open workplace culture comprised of integrity and trust. To learn more, visit https://workshield.com.