MIAMI — July 7, 2021 — SheWorks!, a remote talent marketplace that empowers women through training for global employability and access to job opportunities, is expanding its global training program as a Facebook Marketing Partner. The expanded program seeks to transform the global workforce and hack gender unemployment by training and certifying thousands of women in technical and soft skills.

The first phase of the program will provide thousands of women the opportunity to set themselves apart in digital marketing by becoming Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associates and obtaining SheWorks! Academy training on remote work readiness and soft skills such as time management, collaboration, empathy and effective communication. The training program will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Women who complete the program will gain skills for global employment in highly competitive fields, resulting in the potential to secure higher paying jobs that are remote and flexible. The latest Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, found that learning new skills or earning a certification can result in a raise upwards of $12,000 a year.

Participants will also be eligible to further upskill in the second phase of the program with the opportunity to become a Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Trainer. Once certified in Digital Marketing and after passing a training delivery and facilitation workshop, members of the Facebook Trainer Network can use their skills to help others build theirs. This model of women training and empowering women creates a potential multiplier effect that can positively impact the participants and their surrounding communities for the long-term.

As part of the program, SheWorks! is creating a Certified Talent Marketplace that will bring together thousands of female Facebook-certified professionals so that companies can hire, collaborate and manage them using the SheWorks! Platform, which provides transparency and accountability.

“We are thrilled to launch the most comprehensive digital skills and technology training program designed specifically for women to date, as we deliver on our promise to bridge the gender unemployment gap by training women with skills for global employability, and connecting them with remote work opportunities,” said Silvina Moschini, founder and CEO of SheWorks! “Once the training program is complete, we will transform the global digital workforce with the most robust network of female Facebook Certified Trainers and female Facebook-certified professionals in the world.”

“We’re excited to partner with SheWorks! and offer opportunities for participants to learn and upskill by earning a Digital Marketing Associate Certification or becoming a Facebook Certified Trainer. Together, we can connect women from all backgrounds with impactful training, help them build their digital marketing knowledge and reach their goals,” said Amy Brooks, Director, Facebook Business Education.


The program is designed for women and other underrepresented groups including, people of color, veterans, persons with disabilities, neurodivergent individuals and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Previous experience is not required to participate in the Facebook Certification and SheWorks! Academy program. Any professional with an active Facebook Certification status can apply to be a part of the Certified Talent Marketplace.

The SheWorks! Certified Talent Marketplace will be available to all companies wishing to scale with digital talent, including entrepreneurs, agency owners and small businesses. To start building your remote team with talent that is certified in Facebook and Remote Work, please click HERE.

Registration for the training program is open now through July 12th. Online classes begin on July 14th in English and Spanish. Those who are interested in the program, can find details HERE.