DENVER — June 3, 2020 — The Police Empathy Academy is now offering an empathy training and racial bias certification for police officers, precincts, academies and police departments across the country. The long-term goal of the organization is to push for politicians to make empathy training a requirement to becoming a police officer. The goal of the training is to appeal to the human nature of its participants through structured sessions led by industry leading and qualified professionals. Once the course is completed, successful candidates are presented with a Police Empathy Academy – Continuing Education certificate and are able to affix the academy’s logo to their websites and resumes.

The academy is operated nationwide and open to all police personnel who would like to improve their empathetic and communication skills, improve their mental health, learn personal life skills, and manage their emotions during tense situations.

With the current state of unrest across the country due to the George Floyd protests against police brutality, many are touting this measure as a necessity for all police departments to begin implementing immediately. Learning to deescalate confrontation between an officer and a civilian is a key component of this important job. This tactic can keep both the police officers and civilians safer and help heal the divide.

Participating in this program and getting certified will show a police department’s commitment to the people who they serve and communicates to the public that they are taking the necessary steps to continuing their police education with a focus on social and emotional learning.

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For further information on attending the academy, visit or you may contact them via email at