Paris – October 22, 2019 – Phenom People, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced new innovations in Phenom Internal Mobility & Employee Referrals with Phenom Career Pathing and Phenom Diversity & Inclusion. The enhancements build upon Phenom’s commitment to the employee experience, providing visibility into future roles, upskilling opportunities, and the ability to develop meaningful connections with colleagues. The new platform extensions will be showcased at the 2019 UNLEASH World Conference & Expo in Paris, France, taking place 22–23 October at the Paris Convention Centre.

Experience thrash related to lack of career pathing and learning opportunities costs companies billions of dollars (USD) globally, resulting in the loss of top talent and productivity. According to SHRM, total turnover costs can reach up to 200% of annual salary. Employees who grow disengaged yet stay with a company become less productive and risk introducing toxicity into the company culture.

Additionally, organisations lacking diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies stifle creativity and innovation among employees. Researchers have discovered that companies with diverse teams achieve 19% higher innovation revenue. Reputational integrity may also be impacted when organisations ignore D&I initiatives such as employee resource groups and networking events.

“Almost every company is going through an HR transformation due to business model changes and new skills required. Plus, employees have their own aspirations and values that influence where they work”, said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder at Phenom People. “For companies to optimise their current talent, they should provide internal opportunities and learning development courses. Enterprises need employees to align with the business demand and identify a future within the company through career pathing”.

To help organisations engage and retain top talent, establish community and eliminate experience thrash, Phenom People offers Phenom Career Pathing and Phenom Diversity & Inclusion.

Phenom Career Pathing:
Phenom Career Pathing is a set of features that enable employees to identify job progression, future roles and the skills required to get there.

Career Pathing includes:

  • Employee aspiration, corporate evolution and market-driven career paths with fit scoring
  • Skills gap analysis with upskilling recommendations
  • Development tracks with AI-powered loops and triggers

Career pathing initiatives support employee motivation, productivity and company growth. By providing visibility into company-defined role progression, employees are empowered to define and pursue their career trajectory.

Phenom Diversity & Inclusion:
Phenom Diversity & Inclusion is a set of features that allow employees to engage with groups representing various cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs.

Phenom Diversity & Inclusion includes:

  • Employee resource group (ERG) creation with company-wide promotion
  • ERG activity notifications to keep members up to date
  • D&I events with simplified registration

Internal company communities encourage employees to network, exchange career advice and share relevant content in one centralised location. Today’s talent values a sense of belonging and purpose, which can be achieved when companies foster community and camaraderie.

Phenom Internal Mobility & Employee Referrals encompasses a dedicated hyper-personalised employee career site, tailored job recommendations, chatbot and referrals through AI-powered functionality. By adding career pathing and diversity and inclusion, Internal Mobility delivers a single solution for companies investing in the employee experience.

Phenom People delivers the Talent Experience Management platform, providing companies with a unified solution for: Candidate Experience (Career Site, CMS, University Recruiting, Chatbot), Recruiter Experience (CRM, Campaigns, SMS, AI Insights), Employee Experience (Internal Mobility, Diversity, Chatbot, Referrals), and Management Experience (Talent Analytics, Succession, Reporting, Forecasting). The Phenom Talent Experience Management platform is built on artificial intelligence (AI), driving personalisation, automation and accuracy for candidates, recruiters, employees and management. It eliminates multiple-point solutions, connects with quality candidates and employees through personalised experiences and delivers top talent while driving ROI.

Read the blog to learn more about Phenom Career Pathing and Diversity & Inclusion.

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