NEW YORK — Sept. 16, 2020 — Today published The Parity Model™, a new toolkit for organizations as they look to increase diversity in their leadership. The Parity Model includes three pillars — Representation, Equality, and Inclusion — and eight actionable tips that leaders can use to sustain an inclusive organization and achieve parity at the top of their organization.

“The conversation around gender and racial parity in organizations is gaining new traction, but to make a long-term impact, organizations must take concrete and measurable steps forward,” says Cathrin Stickney, Founder and CEO. “Many companies are taking action to support diversity, but they need tools and a well-planned approach to create lasting change. The Parity Model can help a company of any size or industry develop the inclusive, equal culture they need to attract and retain women and people of color.”

The Parity Model’s three pillars work in tandem to set a strong foundation for diversity:

  • Representation is important for a company building a pipeline of qualified and diverse candidates, so that they are ready to take on top roles
  • Equality ensures that all employees are treated equally and fairly through the company’s benefits, policies, and practices
  • Inclusion eliminates microaggressions and inappropriate behavior, and creates a culture that great employees will be drawn to

In the past three years, nearly 500 companies have taken’s ParityPledge, a commitment to interview at least one qualified woman and one qualified person of color for every open leadership role. developed The Parity Model after talking to hundreds of CEOs, CHROs, and heads of diversity at these companies about best practices and challenges in their industries. has seen that taking the first step of making a public commitment has a positive impact. In a recent survey of companies that signed the ParityPledge in Support of Women, responses indicated strong progress, including:

  • 80% of companies reported adding — and retaining — at least one woman to their executive team, and 20% added three or more women to the executive team
  • 27% have achieved gender parity on their executive team
  • 72% stated they were more intentional about interviewing women for top roles
  • 42% updated company benefits to be more beneficial to women
  • 50% updated hiring practices to be more equitable
  • 45% reported promoting more women from within than prior to signing the pledge

The introduction of The Parity Model will support this growth by providing companies with a toolkit to identify effective areas of change and implement best practices for sustainable progress.

The Parity Model is free for all companies to access and use. Download The Parity Model at

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