AUSTIN, Texas — Aug. 31, 2021 — The Mach 1 Group (Mach 1), an award-winning crisis, strategic communications and public affairs firm, unveiled its new service offering today: Championing Women Leaders, Curriculum for Supporting Women in the Workforce. This program is a crisis planning and communications curriculum for companies faced with females leaving the workforce. The service adapts the firm’s seminal crisis communication principles to address this emerging workforce challenge, an issue exacerbated by the global pandemic.

“It’s tragic to see so many women sacrificing or delaying promising careers to fill voids left by the pandemic, and more and more excellent organizations losing female leaders and facing staffing shortages,” said Mach 1 Founder and CEO Katherine McLane. “We realize the skills needed to retain women are the same skills with which we arm companies to navigate a crisis – proactive planning, efficient processes, adaptability and constant communication. As a firm founded, staffed and led by the best and brightest women in the Texas Capitol area, there is no firm better prepared to help companies navigate this crisis.”

In 2020, an estimated 2.3 million women left the workforce in the U.S. Economists estimate this departure cost the American economy $650 billion per year, roughly -2.9 percent of total GDP. For many women, leaving the workforce was not a choice, but a matter of necessity as school closures and a lack of childcare left many pulling shifts as full-time caregivers and employees. In Texas alone, there were 2.5 million working mothers before the pandemic. As the Delta Variant makes its way through the State, closing schools and childcare centers in its wake, it’s too soon to know the full impact of this pandemic on the Texas economy.

The new Championing Women Leaders program offered by Mach 1 builds a crisis plan to match each company or industry’s needs, helping train leaders to effectively listen to and communicate with their teams and recruit and retain valuable female employees. Furthermore, the new curriculum includes guidance for organizations to build solidarity and support among female employees and to find innovative ways to enhance retention.

Outcomes companies can expect from Mach 1’s Championing Women Leaders curriculum:

  • HR teams better equipped to support C Level efforts to recruit and retain valuable female employees.
  • Messaging and communications calendars customized for outreach to female employees.
  • Actionable suggestions for forming industry- and company-wide support groups for women to encourage retention.
  • Talking points for middle management to reinforce company-wide retention messaging.
  • Train the trainer style workshops to incorporate curriculum into company training and development practices.

The Mach 1 team helps organizations large and small prepare processes and plans that allow them to shine under pressure. In addition, their team of professional communicators has served as trainers, message architects, crisis managers and spokespeople for some of the most recognizable names and brands in the U.S. With their Championing Women Leaders, Curriculum for Supporting Women in the Workforce, the Mach 1 team utilizes decades of experience to build teams, craft messaging and establish support systems for companies dedicated to retaining their women workers.

Mach 1 is offering its new Championing Women Leaders program to organizations at a 20 percent discount through September 30 to celebrate its launch.

About the Mach 1 Group

Mach 1 is a nationally recognized, award-winning Austin-based firm serving organizations and individuals whose interests are in the public realm. A certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), being 100 percent female-founded and owned, the firm’s team is comprised of communications experts with decades of experience successfully navigating media attention, crisis response, reputation management, branding, legislative and regulatory initiatives and campaigns. For more information about The MACH 1 Group, visit