LONDON — March 17, 2021 — HR rewired, a niche consultancy firm that partners with corporations to advance racial equity in the workplace, announced a strategic partnership with Enzo Advisors LLC, a global sustainability consulting firm, to provide a comprehensive offering for both public and private sector organizations that helps transform corporate cultures to support racial equity in the workplace and drive greater impact across their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

HR rewired Founder Shereen Daniels is one of the leading voices on anti-racism in the workplace and a Vice Chair of the Black Business Association for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Unlocking over 50,000 global conversations about race, Shereen created a 4-Factor RACE model to help organizations take a decisive and credible approach to change.

Enzo Advisors bridges corporate strategy and financial forecasting with the integration of broader ESG principles across operations and communicates the message of sustainability to the investment community. Enzo Advisors takes a data – driven approach towards assessing a company’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts, aligns internal and external communications with this data, sets long-term targets, and measures progress towards these goals. Nidhi Chadda, the Founder and CEO of Enzo Advisors, is a former portfolio manager with over 20+ years of experience as a strategic consultant, investment banker and investor.

“I look forward to working with Shereen in the months ahead to drive greater accountability of diversity initiatives and help institutions to not only build credible racial equity plans, but also identify the key metrics linked to global ESG frameworks and communicate that message to stakeholders. Our complementary backgrounds, with Shereen’s expertise in building programs internally and my data-driven approach to identifying KPIs and communicating that message to the investment community, will help companies build a robust program to support DEI efforts and measure progress against their initiatives,” said Nidhi Chadda, Founder and CEO of Enzo Advisors.

“It is a critical time for organizations all over the world to address social injustice as it manifests itself within their cultures and practices. Working with Nidhi is an opportunity to take a meaningful and measurable approach to driving impact. We reduce the risk of racial equity being seen as a ‘charity cause’ and instead re-emphasize addressing social injustice as a key leverage for opportunity and economic growth,” said Shereen Daniels, Founder and Managing Director of HR rewired.

About Enzo Advisors

Enzo Advisors is a global ESG advisory / sustainability consulting firm based out of New York that helps companies build best-in-class sustainable business models within an ESG construct and works closely with institutional investors across the public and private markets to codify ESG policies and frameworks within their diligence processes and into portfolio companies.

About HR rewired

HR rewired is a HR consultancy with a focus on anti-racism based out of the UK, that partners with executive leaders to evolve their cultures to becoming more anti-racist, equitable and kind. Using a proprietary methodology, they help organizations take bold and credible steps to advance racial equity and support them to stay the course.