Ottawa, Ontario – November 16, 2018 – Today Launchfire announced the release of StepDemo; a new feature for Lemonade — their digital transformation platform. This feature allows admins to quickly create an unlimited number of product simulations via the platform’s authoring portal. Simulations can then be added to employee training courses within Lemonade or to the company’s website.

“Self-serve support is incredibly important for financial institutions today — and not just for customers; staff also need to learn how to use products as they’re released. Many financial institutions use simulations to address this issue, but they often build separate simulations for staff and customers. We thought: why duplicate the effort and cost? With StepDemo, our clients can easily create as many product simulations as they need, and pipe them out to customers or employees — and it’s all included as part of Lemonade.”

— John Findlay, CEO of Launchfire

StepDemo product simulations have a “play” and “guided practice” mode, so users can walk through the product with guided tips, then test how well they understand the product in a “play” mode without any instructions.

We didn’t want to create just another ‘blinking light’ product simulation. I see those all the time, and I don’t think they’re effective education tools.” says Findlay. “It’s like when you’re driving, and someone is reading you directions — the next time you have to get somewhere on your own, you can’t. You didn’t learn the route; you just followed instructions. With the Play and Guided Practice modes, StepDemo simulations help ensure users actually learn the product, so they’re comfortable using it on their own.”


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