Raleigh, NCMay 3, 2016 – Training Industry, Inc. and Imparta have released a new research report investigating the trends and challenges associated with delivering e-learning in contemporary sales organizations.

The study, which included 235 companies, reveals several key findings, including:

• 72% of companies were rated effective at providing training to sales employees via e-learning

• E-learning was rated as most consistently effective for the training purposes of induction/onboarding training (73%), internal sales teams (64%), foundational sales training (59%), and account management (58%)

• The typical completion rate for employees engaging with sales e-learning offerings was 72.6% across all companies

The full report, “The Evolution of Sales E-Learning” can be downloaded here.

“This study provides a better understanding of how organizations are adopting e-learning and capitalizing on the flexibility it can offer a sales workforce,” said Tom Whelan, Ph.D., director of corporate research, Training Industry, Inc. “One of the most intriguing parts of this research was the range of topics and training purposes that companies are using e-learning to address, from onboarding new employees to delivering specialized content to sales managers.”

Ken Taylor, president of Training Industry, Inc., emphasized the room for improvement in current sales e-learning programs.

“Although we know nearly three quarters of companies are enjoying some measure of success with e-learning, the results of this research repeatedly point to areas of continued progress,” said Taylor. “For instance, many sales functions use simulations in e-learning, but few of them subsequently use data from these simulations as an impact metric.”

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