SAN FRANCISCO — Feb. 24, 2022 — NovoEd, the leading social and collaborative learning platform for deep capability building, today announces the release of Learning Journeys. This new product offering encourages and allows for bundling multiple learning experiences together, framed as a continual journey that takes the learner through a series of comprehensive capability-developing practices that build upon and complement each other.

An individual’s learning journey within an organization often extends beyond a single program. Many of the top use cases on the NovoEd platform, such as Employee Onboarding, Leadership Development, and Functional Upskilling, are multi-step training processes with both immediate and long-term goals that require continuous learning for the organization. NovoEd’s new Learning Journeys feature will help enterprises realize their most ambitious goals for truly programmatic capability building.

“Our company was founded to transform organizational intelligence and expertise into scalable, highly engaging digital learning experiences,” said NovoEd Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Farnaz Ronaghi. “Our new Learning Journeys product offering will empower organizations and their learners to take greater control of their capability-building initiatives that are known to generate measurable business growth.”

Learning Journeys further extends NovoEd’s trademark blend of structure and spontaneity. The product feature supports different configurations, including sequential journeys that follow an enforced order, flexible journeys in which learners can select courses and complete them in any order they choose, and a hybrid of both models. The feature supports breaking a large course into smaller sections and grouping them together in different ways to create a sense of achievement and progression through faster completion. It also allows for the re-purpose of content across different journeys, creating a truly customizable learning experience.

“NovoEd’s answer to the problem of continuous workforce development is cohort-based learning that drives true readiness-to-perform,” said Ronaghi. “We believe that the best learning happens in groups where it can live, take shape, and make an impact. Learning Journeys gives structure to this unique form of learning, now poised to transform hybrid work cultures.”

About NovoEd

Founded at Stanford’s Social Algorithms Lab in 2012, NovoEd is a capability-building platform that combines social and collaborative learning to unlock performance readiness at scale. Through cohort-based experiences, NovoEd taps into collective wisdom, placing each learner at the intersection of perspective, application, and expertise. Large enterprises such as 3M, GE, and Nestlé partner with NovoEd to accelerate their critical initiatives, reconnect teams, and achieve rapid alignment through learning that is deeply felt and experienced and swiftly transformed into impact.