Raleigh, NC – September 28, 2018 – Corporate training programs can be more effective when training delivery strategies are aligned with the learners’ preferences. A new research report from Training Industry, Inc. explores these learner preferences, focusing on how learners want to learn and the match between their preferences and what organizations are actually using to deliver training.

“Today’s learners have choices,” Amy DuVernet, Ph.D., director of training manager development at Training Industry, Inc. and the researcher and author of the report. “Learners can find information about how to best perform their jobs from a number of sources. It’s critical that training professionals, and the training function, acknowledge this reality by providing learning and development in ways that learners want to engage.”

Previous research by Training Industry has explored the modern learning system, including the importance of training modality to learning outcomes. This new research elaborates on this component of effective training by exploring the impact of meeting those preferences in a training program. It also makes recommendations on how to choose training methods based on the intersection of how learners want to learn and the modalities that are most effective.

“What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery” addresses the following questions in the context of corporate training:

  • What do learners want?
  • What do learners think is most effective?
  • How are we delivering training?
  • Are learners getting what they want?
  • Do learner preferences matter?

The research report, “What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery,” was released today. The full research report is available for purchase online for $495. A report preview and summary is available at no cost.

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