Toronto – April 9, 2018 – As part of its commitment to continuous innovation in the learning space, Docebo is proud to announce its inclusion in the new LinkedIn Learning Integration Partner Program. The integration gives organizations and learners access to LinkedIn Learning’s entire catalogue of more than 12,000 best-in-class learning courses within their Docebo Content Marketplace. Since its release in 2017, Docebo’s eLearning Content Marketplace has made purchasing and delivering high-quality eLearning content easier than ever before.

“We are excited to expand our portfolio with LinkedIn Learning who shares our vision of transforming the way people learn,” says James Moncarz, VP, Global Partnerships and Channels at Docebo. “We are committed to giving organizations and their learners exceptional content from directly within the Docebo Learning platform.”

Docebo’s Content Marketplace allows users to access, browse and subscribe to quality learning content directly from their Docebo platform. Unlike a standard LMS, where content is typically assigned on an admin-only basis, Docebo’s Content Marketplace fosters learning autonomy by allowing learners to directly browse the latest LinkedIn Learning course catalogues and subscribe to courses of their choice, for both professional and personal interests.

Unique to Docebo’s integration will also be a feature whereby LinkedIn learners can group courses together and create personal “playlists.”

“We’re excited to launch this program with our inaugural partners, like Docebo. Organizations will now be able to automatically upload and update all LinkedIn Learning content directly in Docebo’s system, providing a streamlined experience for companies, administrators, and learners, alike,” says Scott Roberts, LinkedIn VP of Business Development.

With up to 40 new courses automatically updated to LinkedIn Learning’s course catalogue every week, Docebo’s learner-centric Content Marketplace will deliver even more robust content offerings to their existing suite.

About Docebo

Docebo is a global SaaS enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) used in more than 80 countries and offered in 40 languages. Established in 2005, Docebo (Latin for “I will teach”) offers a learning ecosystem for companies and their employees, partners and customers that is designed to increase performance and learning engagement. Docebo is a learner-centric technology, embraced for its ease of use, elegance and ability to blend coaching with social and formal learning. Docebo provides a scalable pricing model and a robust set of integrations and APIs, paired with reliable support available 24/7. It’s no wonder that Docebo has been heralded by as “the best online learning platform for business on the market.”