ZAGREB, Croatia — Jan. 24, 2022 — EdTech provider disqourse announced the start of its operations in seven languages. After product testing with clients, which began in Croatia in early 2021, and building upon an initial portfolio of clients in several European core markets (Germany, Switzerland and Southeast Europe), the cloud-based platform provider for self-organized group learning starts operating in seven languages, starting to serve corporate clients worldwide, and extending its portfolio of languages by four.

The easy-to-use disqourse platform helps companies to enable learning & development for all, and to unleash agility and growth potential — fast. Different than most conventional learning technologies, including LMS, disqourse uniquely integrates didactics, and business-relevant content into its approach: Innovative small-group learning method, based on 90-minute learning sessions, enables self-organizing group learning, which works is especially well-suited to geographically distributed and/or remote work settings. disqourse learning sessions can be grouped into Cycles, and are ideal for tackling all organizational problems in which dynamics and social interaction matter. The disqourse application is used in sync with any of the common conferencing platforms such as WebEx, Zoom, and Teams.

Dijana Vetturelli. disqourse co-founder and CEO, says: “One might say that our learning platform is innovative. It undoubtedly is. But above all, it is progressive, as it encourages personal learning and organizational development on a level that is unattainable by other means. Discourse learning on our platform enables everybody to acquire the same knowledge, have the same insights and integrate the same concepts, almost simultaneously. disqourse scales organizational learning in a very natural way, as it applies self-organization principles, consistently. Finally, as it makes external experts, classrooms and travel unnecessary, it is far more learning-intensive, time-saving, and climate-friendly than usual trainings, courses or workshops.”

“Our discourse-based approach to Learning & Development is particularly effective for groups of colleagues from the same organization,” Dijana Vetturelli elaborates. “Every 90-minute learning session in disqourse covers several actionable concepts that are relevant to organizational agility, team work, collaboration, innovation and well-being. But the concepts covered in disqourse only serve as the conversation-starters: All concepts are immediately reflected upon among the group of learners. And thus contextualized in the light of organizational reality, as well as critically applied to the learners’ own work. It is this intimate link between practical theory and reflective dialog that makes discourse learning personally relevant and organizationally impactful. Most of what is learned can be put to use immediately, as it is already reflected upon, personally and collectively. The connection between discourse learning and organizational impact is further strengthened when many learning groups (called Circles) are covering the same content at roughly the same time. What has been learned can then be applied to the entire organization. A genuine agility and development booster!”

By adding four new languages to its portfolio, the company is taking the internationalization of its business to a new level: In addition to English, German, and Croatian, the languages in which it has been operating since September 2021, disqourse is now offering its platform, content and services in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Korean. In order to scale up its portfolio of languages, the company has engaged with six international partners based within separate European, Asian and American markets.

About disqourse

disqourse is a cloud-based B2B platform provider for self-organized, enterprise-wide learning. The EdTech company was founded in 2021 by German entrepreneur, bestselling book author, and creator of social technologies, Silke Hermann, together with Croatian entrepreneur Dijana Vetturelli. The international team behind disqourse is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, authors, instructional designers, software engineers, researchers, communicators, and creators of socio-tech. The company is based in Zagreb, Croatia.