New York – November 6, 2019 – DataCamp, the leading interactive learning platform for data science and analytics, today introduced its “Mobile Coding Courses.” With this new release, DataCamp can now offer its immersive learn-by-doing experience for anyone who wants a fast and convenient way to learn coding or data science from any location. The mobile interface introduces features like a custom keyboard and auto-complete for code to make writing code as easy as sending a text message. Designed to offer a continuous experience between platforms, users can now share DataCamp course progress and can continue courses where they left off — from desktop to mobile or vice versa.

“A foundation in data science is fast becoming a requirement in many areas of business, yet many people lack the time to even learn the basics,” said Martijn Theuwissen, Co-founder, DataCamp. “Like Duolingo, our mobile courses provide a gamified approach to learning through a series of bite-sized lessons you can take on the go — whether commuting, standing in line for a coffee, or any time you’re away from your desktop and have a few minutes to spare. It’s the perfect solution for busy people who want to learn how to code and build their data science skills on their own time.”

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the first five courses available at launch are part of DataCamp’s popular Data scientist in Python track, which are designed to teach users:

  • The fundamentals of python
  • How to use important data science packages like ‘pandas’ and ‘numpy’ to manipulate data and perform operations on data
  • How to turn data into compelling plots and graphs
  • How to load data in various formats including Excel files, CSV files, web via APIs, etc.

Designed for beginners and advanced users, DataCamp’s Mobile Coding Courses offer the most in-depth content for Python available in the app store today. While most other apps focus on conceptual knowledge, DataCamp’s hands-on coding approach equips users with practical skills they can apply in the real world — personal or work projects — immediately upon completion of the course(s).

DataCamp’s Mobile Coding Courses make writing code on-the-go easy and convenient. The app’s interface is minimal and focused — no need to swipe around or navigate between different screens and buttons to solve the questions — and the extended keyboard makes it possible to easily write popular characters often found in code. Similar to the auto-complete feature found in text message applications, the app’s code editor provides the user with visual highlighting and suggestions while typing to ensure code is easy to read and accurate. The app also provides personalized feedback that points to mistakes for quick learning and correction. Lastly, DataCamp’s Mobile Coding Courses allow you to learn any time, anywhere by providing a seamless learning experience between the DataCamp website and mobile app.

About Datacamp

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