TORONTO – July 9, 2024 – D2L, a global learning technology company, today previewed D2L Lumi, a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered feature to help build better content, assessments, and activities. By supporting the people at the center of the learning experience, D2L Lumi is engineered to help deliver outstanding learner outcomes and enhance efficiency for educators and course authors.

D2L Lumi is built from the ground up with privacy and data governance in mind and can provide users with more ways to build high-quality, engaging, human-centered learning experiences with ease:

  1. Lumi Quiz – Helps educators generate Brightspace quiz questions based on their course content seamlessly.
  2. Lumi Idea – Generates intuitive suggestions for new Brightspace assignments and discussions aligned with course material.
  3. Lumi Practice – Makes it easier to create practice questions in Creator+ based on course content, saving time and helping to improve learning outcomes.
  4. Lumi Chat – Creates automated answers to FAQs, surfaces resources and how-to guides for users, and helps to reduce volume of IT tickets and shorten wait times.

More of D2L Lumi will be revealed soon, but already early adopters are harnessing its power to create better course content and quizzes faster than before.

“Lumi Quiz was fast enough to keep up with me. I think that is so key. At no point was I waiting for it,” said Jordan O’Connell, Professor at Northwest Iowa Community College. “When I didn’t like a question, it was very easy and intuitive to quickly refresh and try another question. It moved fast enough, which I think is really key. It made me realize that I could use this constantly and reliably if I was in course-building mode.”

“D2L Lumi fills the gaps between our instructional designers and academic experts. I love it. It is easy to use and has a straightforward learning curve. The accuracy of the questions was good,” said Elizabeth Pearsall, Assistant Provost at the American College of Financial Services. “Given that this capability is integrated, and questions are based on content created in Brightspace, it is convenient to use.”

D2L Lumi was announced at D2L’s 2024 Fusion Conference, an annual gathering of over 1,000 education technology thought leaders and clients from around the world.

“At D2L, we’re dedicated to transforming learning in partnership with educators and learners and are committed to harnessing the power of AI to increase access to world-class educational experiences. D2L Lumi is the result of this commitment,” said Stephen Laster, President of D2L.  “We thank our team, educational partners, and researchers for their ongoing collaboration to help ensure we make a positive impact. The best part of today’s announcement is that we’re just getting started. In the coming months, D2L Lumi will be included throughout our core products to enhance everyday workflows, helping save time and supporting the best learning experiences possible.”

“We’re committed to delivering artificial intelligence tools designed to enhance the human learning experience, so I’m thrilled to introduce learners and educators to D2L Lumi. We’re actively shaping the future of learning for the better,” said John Baker, Founder and CEO of D2L. “D2L Lumi is helping to make course creation, delivery, teaching, and learning easier and more engaging. We couldn’t be more excited about the future of learning.”