Heidelberg, Germany – November 28, 2018 – Heidelberg-based learning specialist tts has launched a new version of its performance support software tt performance suite. Besides improved stability and gamification elements to boost learners’ motivation, the fall release offers numerous new functions of particular interest to authors. “Feedback from our user group revealed that many users want more support when it comes to creating interactive learning content,” explains tts Product Manager Britt Bürgy. “Although we primarily focused on performance, we also did a lot of work on developing our SmartComponents. The new components enable even inexperienced users to quickly and easily create 3D formats, videos and other content.”

Smart assistance for authors

tts developed SmartComponents in response to the increasing importance of interactive 3D, video and other formats for learning in the workplace. Thanks to intuitive user guidance, the SmartComponents help make it easy for authors to create content. For example, when using the “iFrame” component, it now takes just a few clicks to incorporate videos, 3D models and other formats into existing content. The “Lightbox” component, meanwhile, can be used to instantly enlarge important image details.

Smart content for more motivation

Besides making the author’s job easier, SmartComponents also boost the learner’s motivation with the help of gamification elements. “Pairs”, for example, offers a playful way to train the user’s memory while conveying important content at the same time. The new, customizable avatars, Ben and Emma, lend a friendly face to abstract teaching material. “Moving Picture”, meanwhile, transforms static learning elements into dynamic content, bringing the subject matter to life as the mouse moves. What’s more, the “Toggle” button brings dynamic buttons into play, offering users a range of options for a bespoke learning experience when it comes to non-linear content.

About tts

tts is a full-service provider for performance support, talent management and corporate learning. Through its innovative learning technologies, the IT service provider helps companies transform knowledge into performance at the workplace. The tts portfolio includes the tt performance suite software (creating e-learning content, documentation, online help and performance support), talent management (SAP Human Capital Management and SAP SuccessFactors) and corporate learning (training and e-learning). In addition to its headquarters in Heidelberg, tts has offices in nine other European cities and in the United States. Find out more at: www.tt-s.com/en/