LONDON — Sept. 2, 2021 — TutorPro is announcing the launch of ATLAS — a game-changer for L&D Professionals.

No longer does learning need to be seen as an interruption with ATLAS. The ground-breaking content creation tool overcomes the top challenges facing L&D Leaders today, where hybrid working is the norm and blended learning is essential.

For innovation at its most creative, look no further than ATLAS. TutorPro’s game-changing new solution embeds learning in the flow of work for any industry. It quickly creates training, support and assessments for any software application or website, with no need for screenshots or video capture. Businesses will see increased engagement levels, productivity, and improved employee retention.

ATLAS allows L&D Departments to create content collaboratively anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based platform provides the functionality for trainers to edit and update content files or clone them for individual use.

Hybrid working and blended digital learning are here to stay. Businesses risk being left behind if they purely offer face-to-face training, not forgetting the increased costs this entails. Empowering learners, by providing the option of how and when to do their learning without interrupting their workflow, is the future.

Always at the forefront of technology, TutorPro’s ATLAS offers the chance to stay ahead of the digital learning game and ensures all professionals keep abreast of the latest learning technologies. L&D Leaders can more effectively manage their time and Learners without the constant need to redesign and rethink learning programs — ATLAS can take the strain.

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