Hyderabad, India – December 12, 2016 – CommLab India, a global e-learning solutions provider, had launched a Train-the-Trainer e-learning course as a Thanksgiving gift for the L&D fraternity across the world. This course has been well received and appreciated by the learning community for its superior instructional design and user engagement.

Train-the-Trainer course offers the essentials of perfecting classroom training. From tips to engage audiences, conduct sessions in accordance with adult learning principles, to pointers to prepare for the session, this course has it all. Practical scenarios that reinforce the application of effective presentation skills make the course more relevant.

The eCourse catered to novice trainers and SMEs, who are newly assuming the role of classroom trainers. It also offered valuable refresher tips to experienced classroom trainers. The certificate after the final challenge endorsed them as a ‘Power Trainer’, equipped to face classroom audiences with ease and authority. With organizations continuing to leverage the benefits of classroom training, this course will be an all-time favorite of trainers.

The eCourse used engaging interactivities and visuals that made it immersive and effective. Drag and drop assessments were used to help learners gauge the attention levels of their audience members and adapt their delivery style accordingly. Every topic was explained through suitable interactive presentations that helped learners connect to the topic. All these elements have made the course receptive to classroom trainers and helped them assimilate skills intuitively.

Those who have completed the course have appreciated its comprehensive coverage and vouch for its efficacy. Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer, COO and Co-founder – CommLab India says, “We owe this tremendous success to our dedicated team of instructional designers and technology experts who’ve crafted an effective course on the challenging topic, based on sound instructional and visual design principles”.

If you have missed the eCourse, you can access it here.

About CommLab India

CommLab India is a global e-learning company that has been providing custom learning solutions to more than 100 organizations in 30+ countries for the last 16 years. Its learning solutions include e-learning courseware development, m-learning solutions, translation of online courses, and hosting and managing training materials on LMS.

CommLab India helps organizations achieve their business goals through just-in-time product knowledge training, ERP implementation trainings, onboarding training, compliance trainings, and more.