LONDON — Dec. 16, 2020 — Lockdown has seen Naturally Fast Food brand LEON help its work family master new skills and hit the ground running in new roles, thanks to a new gamified training solution from Attensi.

Initially launched during lockdown, more than 85 per cent of LEON’s team were able to complete the company’s new training programme in just the first six weeks. Over 39,000 play-throughs of training scenarios were completed across 12 modules, which involved simulations set in a 3D replica of a LEON restaurant with authentic dialogue and game characters.

The learning generated unprecedented results based on how employees reacted in a realistic scenario, with the in-app data providing managers with fast feedback to take their people to the next level when delivering new menus, safety processes, and more.

The gamified training programme comes on the back of LEON’s search for several years to reinvent its learning experience digitally for its employees.

Shereen Ritchie, Managing Director of LEON UK, explained: “We used to have a lot of manuals, face-to-face training and a training school which were all were amazing in their own way, but they weren’t scalable. We really found that as LEON expanded and we started to grow a global team who all needed to join the Leon culture, we needed a more fluid and digital solution.

“Attensi platform is a game-changer for LEON, because it helps us set our people up for success.

“We wanted a gamified solution because training needs to be exciting and the person doing it needs to want to learn.

“Our people were able to use the time in lockdown productively to master new skills to help them advance in their careers. In fact, when we launched the platform, we had a competition for who could get the highest score and it got really competitive. The response blew me away, I had no idea it was going to be so well received!”

LEON can now create, develop and publish its own content on the Attensi app, allowing the company to update its training modules when and where required.

Ritchie said: “Attensi’s platform is fluid so we can change things very quickly. It’s also very easy to use and that’s really important especially when time is so precious.

“We were very lucky when we launched the Attensi solution because in a pandemic, you can’t have that face-to-face interaction.”

Attensi UK MD, Krister Kristiansen, commented: “We are delighted to have helped LEON to adopt a scalable new approach to learning and development using gamified simulation training.

“Helping people to increase their working know-how and achieve mastery in their roles is at the heart of what we do at Attensi. To see LEON’s team benefit to this end from their new training has been a great pleasure, and a testament to how well LEON has anchored this initiative in their organisation.

“Through the measurable impact data and insights that their training will generate, we look forward to seeing LEON’s team continue ever higher on their path to success.”