NEW YORK — Feb. 15, 2022 — Articulate Global, LLC, the leading creator platform for online workplace learning, today added a full catalog of prebuilt learning content to its creator tools. Now, in addition to the award-winning online course creator tools that enterprise learning and development professionals have come to expect from Articulate 360, users will have access to 1,000+ expertly crafted lessons and prebuilt courses they can easily customize with their proprietary content to create custom learning even faster.

Articulate surveyed 2,300 of its customers in 2021 and found 95% of participants said the way companies train employees needs to shift, while 88% believe businesses cannot be successful without investing in learning. Today’s announcement will help overloaded learning and development professionals meet their organizations’ growing learning needs while saving time and improving learning content quality.

“Effective, engaging, and enjoyable learning content that can be deployed remotely has become a central asset in employee recruitment and retention amid The Great Resignation,” said Lucy Suros, CEO of Articulate. “Expanding and improving course offerings is a top priority for most organizations. By adding a wealth of customizable learning content to our easy-to-use creator platform, we’re helping learning and development professionals — often in understaffed environments and with large workloads — more quickly create high-quality learning content. In turn, they’re better able to onboard, retain, and inspire employees who are thirsty for development opportunities.”

The Most Complete Resource for L&D Professionals

Articulate makes it easy for learning and development professionals to create engaging, effective learning through its combination of industry-leading creator tools, fully editable content, and an always-on community of e-learning heroes.

Articulate’s learning content library consists of more than 1,000 lessons and courses expertly researched, written, and designed by an award-winning team. Every course and lesson is fully editable and can be mixed with an organization’s proprietary content, making it easy for learning and development professionals to deploy custom learning content purpose-built for their organization more quickly.

New lesson content is structured to create opportunities to pause for reflection and includes interactive activities such as scenarios that let learners practice and deepen their mastery of the material. The new prebuilt courses take on broader topics in greater depth in 11 categories, including customer success and service, human resources, diversity and inclusion, sales and marketing, and professional development. Also included in this release are video-based, human-centered courses by bestselling authors who share their life-changing ideas, incorporating learnings from neuroscience, history, biology, psychology, and business.

Learning and development professionals who use Articulate creator tools to develop workplace learning have access to Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes community. It has more than 1 million members and is the largest, fastest-growing community in the e-learning industry. Moderated by expert instructional designers at Articulate, the E-Learning Heroes community includes learning and development professionals and experts in instructional design and offers free, valuable resources for all aspects of course creation.

Articulate has been a fully remote organization since its founding in 2002. Having not only survived but thrived with a 100% virtual workforce for two decades, Articulate knows firsthand the needs of remote and hybrid workforces who must create online learning for employees. As workplaces have started reopening and companies are exploring hybrid work environments, Articulate continues to innovate creator tools that make online learning easy to build in this new world order. In total, Articulate has more than 115,000 customers spanning 167 countries and counts all 100 of the Fortune 100 companies as customers. These customers — including CVS, L’Oréal, and Nestlé, among others — have collectively created millions of learning courses using Articulate software.

About Articulate

Articulate Global, LLC, offers the leading creator platform for online workplace learning. More than 122 million learners in 167 countries have learned new skills, gained new insight, and received career-boosting learning made possible by Articulate’s creator tools for online learning.

More than 115,000 organizations worldwide, including all 100 of the Fortune 100, have created millions of courses using Articulate’s creator tools. Articulate’s creator platform makes online learning easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Community has more than 1 million members and is the largest and fastest-growing community in the e-learning industry.