ST. PAUL, Minn. — July 1, 2020 — Allen Interactions partnership expands to include customization services of off-the-shelf blended learning from global provider Chart Learning Solutions.

Chart Learning Solutions Sweden AB has announced that Allen Interactions Inc. has become the first GOLD Partner for their online Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, and Team Performance Learning, Assessment and Coaching offerings with the ability to offer customization services for the current course catalog and to create new, fully blended learning solutions.

“We see a rapid increase of larger corporations requesting premium content which can be customized to specific customer needs. We have found Allen Interactions as an ideal partner and reseller to provide customized solutions based on our content. Allen Interactions is the first GOLD Partner with the right to do customization. Their skills and know-how are regarded as best-in-class.” – Peter Horwing – CEO, Chart Learning Solutions.

As a GOLD Partner, Allen Interactions will also provide the Certified Chart Coaching™ support services for Chart’s award-winning, blended courseware (+200 courses). This will allow larger corporations to personalize their content and increase the learning effectiveness based on best practices in adult learning, at a fraction of the cost of traditional “from scratch” design and development.

“One of the biggest things organizations today struggle with is an effective measure of success for training. The purpose of great learning experiences is to change performance. But too often the launch of new courseware is only viewed by being delivered on-time and under budget. We’re excited about our partnership with Chart Learning Solutions, because unlike traditional off-the-shelf solutions the Chart catalog includes multiple modalities focused on moving skills practice to real application. Combining asynchronous learning experiences with performance support and coaching, provides a huge competitive advantage over other licensable content. With Allen Interactions added ability to tailor content in the Chart Learning Solutions catalog, clients are able to get an affordable and solution that meets real performance objectives.” -Christopher Allen – Chief Strategy Officer, Allen Interactions

Online training in Leadership Development, Sales, Customer Service and Building Performance Teams training is in high demand. Larger corporations who have traditionally developed a large amount of content themselves are starting to request off-the-shelf premium content which can be delivered “as is” or quickly customized to their needs.

The marriage between such a comprehensive, ready-made catalog and premium customization services combine speed of implementation, an attractive subscription cost model and as needed customization from branding to extensive development.

About Chart Learning Solutions

Chart Learning Solutions is a performance improvement company in professional development, focusing on Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and Team Performance. This is accomplished using Chart’s Performance Assurance System™, and proven Assessments which has produced industry proven, award-winning courses with coaching.

About Allen Interactions

Allen Interactions creates powerful custom learning experiences that help achieve organizational business goals by improving performance one interaction at a time. With more than 25 years of deep experience in instructional design, technology, creativity, process, and project management, Allen Interactions consistently achieves positive business impact.