SALT LAKE CITY — July 20, 2020 — Today Zenovate, a leader in workplace wellness services since 2010, announces the kick off of its radical #unEAP initiative. This includes an unheard-of pricing model rewarding high utilization, removing the “middle man” for direct access to support, innovative employee engagement strategies, and real-time data access. This is in stark contrast to how typical employee assistance programs (EAPs) work.

Traditional EAP providers use capitated pricing models, charging per employee per month (PEPM). This creates an acute conflict of interest between the provider and the company they serve. Providers make more money the less services are used, driving them to keep utilization low, resulting in the abysmal average utilization of just 4.5%.

Amelia Wilcox, CEO of Zenovate said, “This all started when we couldn’t get our previous EAP to give us access to our data. We were paying for something our team didn’t know we offered, we knew it wasn’t getting used, and we couldn’t even see how it was performing. It was incredibly frustrating. We needed a better solution, but it didn’t exist – until today. We are perfectly poised to be that solution and take on this industry – it’s basically begging us to come in and shake things up.”

With Zenovate’s approach, employers only pay for services actually used, while earning discounts from high utilization with consistent monthly fees for easy budgeting. Additionally, unlike traditional EAPs, Zenovate takes the responsibility of engagement off HR’s plate – aligned with the client to increase utilization for the first time in history.

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About Zenovate
Zenovate is the only EAP provider that encourages and incentivizes high utilization. With over 1,200 counselors, coaches, and other practitioners on its platform, the company is able to help employees across the globe get access to support—anytime, anywhere. In addition to mental health counseling, Zenovate also offers yoga, guided meditation, nutrition coaching, personal training, and massage – both virtually and onsite.