KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Aug. 3, 2023 — WorkForge, a leading Kansas City, Missouri-based e-learning company focused on helping manufacturing companies scale their learning and development programs, is excited to release an industry-first Pathway targeted at Export Compliance. This new Pathway delivers employee compliance training with content designed for any company that exports products with specific content targeted at munitions-related manufacturers who export their products.

WorkForge’s offering provides an extensive and comprehensive understanding of the crucial International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) rules and protocols. These federal regulations are essential for all industry organizations to adhere to, ensuring compliance and maintaining the highest standards of operation.

To develop this critical content, WorkForge partnered with a select group of subject matter experts who provided vital insights and expertise from a cross-section of manufacturers with a particular focus on the defense manufacturing industry. The content underwent rigorous audits and qualification processes to ensure its accuracy, relevance, and validity. Shane Bacon, the BERKS Manufacturing Operations Advisor, shared his experience: “Having worked in this industry for years, I’ve spent countless hours developing Annual Training on ITAR, EAR, and FOD for our employees. Compliance is not an option, and federal regulations leave no room for errors. Looking back, having access to WorkForge’s content would save me hundreds of hours and significantly improve my compliance programs.”

While violations of these regulations are relatively infrequent, the potential consequences can be severe. Egregious violations can result in criminal fines of up to $1,000,000 per violation and up to ten years in prison, or both. Recent cases have seen penalties of $13,000,000 and $20,000,000 imposed on two global manufacturers of defense and safety products.

WorkForge takes immense pride in being the first to offer this highly specialized content exclusively tailored to the defense manufacturing sector. Nathan Walts, CEO of WorkForge, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “In today’s world of heightened geopolitical conflicts, manufacturing organizations and their employees must comply with industry-specific regulations. WorkForge empowers employers and employees with the necessary knowledge to consistently prepare for and apply these critical regulations to their daily operations.”

With WorkForge’s employee compliance training pathway, organizations in the defense-related manufacturing sector can stay ahead of the curve, enhance their compliance practices, and ensure a more secure and compliant future for themselves and the industry.

For more information on WorkForge and its groundbreaking compliance training, please visit www.workforge.com.

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