Hoboken, NJ — March 1, 2021 — John Wiley and Sons, a global leader in research and education, today announced it will introduce new partnerships with Headspace, Care.com, and LinkedIn Learning to Wiley colleagues, in addition to some of the powerful digital learning content and services the company offers its customers. This announcement reinforces Wiley’s broader strategy to build an empowered colleague culture enabled by technology with a focus on well-being, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, and flexibility for its colleagues around the world.

“COVID-19 has accelerated opportunities for us to rethink how we help colleagues win at work and succeed in life, in turn creating an empowered culture that goes even farther to drive impact for our global community,” said Danielle McMahan, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Wiley.

McMahan continued, “We know that colleagues are juggling work and home lives; taking care of themselves, their families and their communities; and balancing the stresses inherent in this new mode of operation. With innovative partnerships, Wiley’s powerful content and platforms, and on-demand digital tools, we are supporting colleagues in areas they value most.”

Wiley takes a 360° approach to support colleagues’ well-being. Enhancing the employee experience in ways that respect and support individual differences and circumstances, Wiley has introduced a holistic well-being program that focuses on colleagues’ physical, emotional, social, and financial health. The company announced its employees will receive a free year-long subscription to the renowned meditation, mindfulness and sleep app, Headspace, in addition to virtual well-being offerings, including group fitness activities, stress management training, and a series of financial well-being webinars throughout 2021 and beyond.

Wiley welcomes the future of work for its colleagues and increases flexibility for families. Late last year, Wiley introduced a new working model that will give many colleagues the option to work in the office, remotely, or a balance of both – based on company guidelines – when the company determines it is safe to reopen its offices. Additionally, in the United States, Wiley has partnered with Sylvan Learning to offer discounted tutoring and education support for children, as well as Care@Work by Care.com to offer a suite of family care benefits for all eligible colleagues, giving extra support with tutors, senior caregivers, pet walkers and sitters, and more.

Wiley introduces new learning and development capabilities, empowering colleagues to unlock their potential. To power learning at Wiley, the company is leveraging its own world-class solutions, giving colleagues free access to the powerful digital content and services Wiley provides to its customers, including robust leadership training offered through its learning experience platform CrossKnowledge. Wiley will also be among the first customers to adopt Wiley Beyond, a new education assistance solution that gives employees access to affordable and flexible degree and certification programs to continue upskilling and reskilling throughout their career.

The company has also just introduced a partnership with LinkedIn Learning to provide free access to a digital library of over 6,000 self-directed courses covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics. LinkedIn Learning will also help drive critical DE&I training, enabling Wiley to continue building a better, more inclusive workplace.

With more than 7,000 colleagues worldwide in over 22 countries, Wiley is delivering tech-enabled products and services that drive outcomes for the world’s researchers, learners, and professionals. This announcement underscores the company’s ongoing momentum to empower its workforce and drive global impact, meeting an ever-growing demand for scientific research and online education.

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