OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — March 29, 2022 — WellSky, a leading health and community care technology company, is making significant investments in technology and services designed to alleviate the workforce shortages affecting the home healthcare industry.

WellSky TeamInsights is a first-of-its-kind staff performance and engagement analytics platform. Using the streamlined WellSky TeamInsights solution, care managers can review productivity data for all members of the care team and assess the engagement level and turnover risk for each. Care managers can then use this information, along with integrated rewards and scheduling tools, to develop improvement plans with their teams to ensure they are supported and fulfilled in their roles. Top-performing team members will receive feedback and incentives that will allow them to feel more engaged and productive at work.

This new technology is debuting at a time when demand for home healthcare is soaring — in fact, 73 percent of healthcare consumers say they would prefer to recover at home instead of in a medical facility following a major medical event. But many agencies are declining patient referrals because of severe staffing shortages. According to data from CarePort®, powered by WellSky, in 2022 the home health industry’s referral rejection rate was as high as 58 percent.

“Our clients tell us they’re struggling to retain staff for a variety of reasons, but particularly because of burnout and burdensome administrative tasks that slow down their workflows,” said Bill Miller, CEO of WellSky. “WellSky offers the leading predictive care support solution that uses data-driven insights to not only improve patient outcomes but also to identify and relieve pain points for staff.”

WellSky clients are already seeing success. In their first year using WellSky solutions, home health and hospice clients reported a 36.2 percent reduction in training time for new staff; a 16.7 percent reduction in clinical staff turnover; and a 59 percent improvement in documentation efficiency.

“We define our success by the experience of our patients and staff,” said John Kunysz, president and CEO of Intrepid USA Healthcare, a leading home-based care organization serving approximately 6,000 patients. “WellSky makes it easier for our clinicians to document accurately in real time while providing outstanding care. Patients and families feel the impact of that great care, and it keeps our teams motivated and energized.”

Beyond technological innovations, WellSky is investing in the next generation of healthcare providers by partnering with Austin Community College in Texas to offer scholarships to students pursuing a licensed vocational nursing certificate or associate degree in nursing. The $1 million fund was established in 2011 and is currently scheduled to extend through 2027. To date, the fund has awarded more than 300 scholarships. Learn more about five WellSky Scholarship recipients who are passionate about making an impact in nursing.

“WellSky is extremely proud to support nursing students and to move healthcare technology forward,” said Miller. “As part of our commitment to realizing care’s potential, we will continue to bring forth new innovations to ensure the healthcare workforce is thriving and able to meet the needs of our communities.”

About WellSky

WellSky is a technology company leading the movement for intelligent, coordinated care. Our next-generation software, analytics, and services power better outcomes and lower costs for stakeholders across the health and community care continuum. In today’s value-based care environment, WellSky helps providers, payers, health systems, and community organizations solve tough challenges, improve collaboration for growth, harness the power of data analytics, and achieve better outcomes by further connecting clinical and social care. WellSky serves more than 20,000 client sites — including the largest hospital systems, blood banks, cell therapy labs, blood centers, home health and hospice franchises, post-acute providers, government agencies, and human services organizations. Informed by more than 40 years of providing software and expertise, WellSky anticipates clients’ needs and innovates relentlessly to ultimately help more people thrive.