NEW YORK — June 25, 2020 — True Office Learning, the creator of groundbreaking adaptive e-learning technology that measurably improves performance in organizations around the world, announced today that it has partnered with award-winning filmmakers Twist and Shout Media, a KnowBe4 company and creators of the compliance sitcom Tuesdays with Bernie, to continue its mission to humanize compliance through the power of storytelling. The addition of Tuesdays with Bernie to the firm’s Coach product line furthers its goal to transform compliance training from a one-and-done, boring, linear experience to a data-driven behavior-changing ecosystem aligned with how the human brain is wired to learn and retain information.

“Most companies fail to humanize their approach to ensuring compliance, especially during times when employee attention spans are low,” said True Office Learning CEO Neha Gupta. “Sending policy reminders filled with legalese or using PowerPoint training and hoping the information will stick is just futile. We want to meet the learners where they are—from adaptive e-learning to meet their need for simulation and personal experiences, to a Netflix-style series to remind them of what is right without lecturing them. Tuesdays With Bernie accomplishes just that, and we are excited about this partnership with Twist and Shout and the KnowBe4 team to drive meaningful change in organizations.”

Tuesdays with Bernie is a sitcom series that helps viewers navigate complex ethics and compliance risk topics by watching the trials and tribulations of a loveable ex-con re-entering the workforce. Comprising six seasons that cover a wide variety of risk topics, the series comes with turnkey internal marketing resources—including a rollout plan, email templates, posters, life-size cutouts, and commercials—making it easy for compliance teams to deploy.

“When we started developing Tuesdays with Bernie, we were new to compliance as a sector, and we couldn’t believe the training was so old-school,” said Jim Shields, creator of Tuesdays with Bernie. “What we soon realized is that employees needed context for the training they were receiving. So we wanted to tell stories, build characters one can get invested in, and produce the type of content that people wanted to consume, not just what they were required to complete. There’s something powerful in that, and we look forward to more organizations experiencing these rich characters.”

Tuesdays with Bernie enhances True Office Learning’s Coach offering, a powerful collection of communication tools and micro-learning assets that reinforce ethical culture and sustain behavior change. Complementary to the firm’s Scholar adaptive e-learning solution and I.Q. behavioral insights engine leveraged by Fortune 1000 enterprises and mid-sized firms alike, these videos provide a powerful reminder for employees to stay compliant with the organization’s policies.

“I am constantly looking for ways to help our clients add reinforcement tools and resources that promote awareness and connect with learners in a more authentic way,” says Harper Wells, True Office Learning’s Director of Compliance Strategy and Insights. “So much guidance continues to be one-way streets of legalese, which can easily seem disconnected from an employee’s role. That’s not what we do at True Office Learning. Tuesdays with Bernie acts as an enhancement to training by giving employees something fun to watch, talk about, and learn from—and it also happens to teach risk topics in a comprehensive way. It’s a win-win.”

Leveraged by hundreds of leading organizations across all major industry sectors to drive more than 10 million learning events, the four elements of the True Office Learning ecosystem include:

  • Scholar—A dynamic learn-by-doing course technology that uses proprietary algorithms to modify learners’ journeys real time with every interaction, regardless  of the LMS used by the enterprise. The technology optimizes seat time by 30-50 percent, ensures provable mastery, and generates invaluable behavioral intelligence.
  • Poet—An intuitive, cloud-based rapid editing and authoring tool for adaptive Scholar solutions. Poet allows users to maximize impact by personalizing scenarios and simulations to each organization while retaining full power of behavioral insights.
  • I.Q.—An easy-to-use business intelligence portal with intuitive dashboards and benchmarking tools. I.Q. analyzes performance, proves learning ROI, and delivers predictive compliance insight for the organization to minimize risk and optimize resource utilization
  • Coach—A rich set of communication and reinforcement tools that range from a Microlearning Library with more than 40 micro-courses to manager toolkits to micro-moments like the Gary Turk “Step Up” collection.

In addition to these core solutions, True Office Learning also has the world’s largest compliance performance benchmarking database. Customers benefit from this database on critical topics covering corporate ethics and compliance, workplace conduct, information security, and data privacy. For more information about True Office Learning and its Tuesdays with Bernie offering, visit

About KnowBe4

KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is used by more than 33,000 organizations around the globe. Founded by IT and Data Security Specialist Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 helps organizations address the human element of security by raising awareness about ransomware, CEO fraud, and other social engineering tactics through a new-school approach to awareness training on security. Kevin Mitnick, an internationally recognized cybersecurity specialist and KnowBe4’s Chief Hacking Officer, helped design the KnowBe4 training based on his well-documented social engineering tactics. Tens of thousands of organizations rely on KnowBe4 to mobilize their end users as the last line of defense.

About True Office Learning

Based in New York City, True Office Learning is the creator of award-winning adaptive learning and behavioral intelligence technology for enterprises, driving elevated employee performance for more than 300 leading organizations. Its cloud-based, platform-independent software transforms boring, passive training into active, learn-by-doing digital experiences that yield previously immeasurable behavioral insight and predictive analytics for organizations. With an unwavering focus on the human element and quantifiable efficacy to drive better business outcomes, True Office Learning builds better businesses by helping employees be their very best selves. For more information, visit