NEW YORK — May 28, 2020 — True Office Learning, the creator of groundbreaking adaptive eLearning technology that measurably improves performance in organizations around the world, announced today that it has partnered with award-winning filmmaker and spoken word artist Gary Turk to produce a video series inspiring behavior change to address key risk areas.

“For too long, compliance teams have been talking at people instead of talking to them. Employees deserve better, and our mission is to make that shift happen,” said True Office Learning CEO Neha Gupta. “Behavior and culture change happens only when learning is experiential and personal, and we could not have picked a better partner than Gary to make this vision a reality. His creative approach and masterful use of words has connected with tens of millions of people around the world, and we are proud of the incredible set of short films we have created together. This is about each of us in the compliance industry stepping up to drive change, to build a better world, and to connect on a more human level than ever before.”

The company will release five short videos that focus on bystander intervention, unconscious bias, ethical decision making, conflicts of interest, and more. The library of videos will enhance the company’s Coach offering, a powerful collection of communication tools and microlearning assets that reinforce the importance of an ethical workplace culture and promote sustainable behavior change. Complementary to the firm’s Scholar adaptive eLearning solution and I.Q. behavioral insights engine leveraged by Fortune 1000 enterprises and mid-sized firms alike, these videos provide a powerful medium for organizations to inspire employees to be their most ethical selves.

“As a spoken word artist and filmmaker, I am not a compliance expert, but I know the significance of human connection and how the right message can inspire individuals to step up and do the right thing,” said Turk. “When the True Office Learning team came to me with this project, it immediately clicked. I think spoken word and film are powerful mediums for changing behavior, and that is what this team cares passionately about. They brought the compliance expertise—I brought the emotion.”

Leveraged by hundreds of leading organizations across all major industry sectors to power more than 10 million learning events, the elements of the True Office Learning ecosystem include:

  • Scholar – A dynamic, learn-by-doing course technology that uses proprietary algorithms to modify the learner’s journey in real time with every interaction, regardless of the LMS used by the enterprise. The technology optimizes seat time by 30-50 percent, ensures provable mastery, and generates invaluable behavioral intelligence.
  • Poet – An intuitive, cloud-based rapid editing and authoring tool for adaptive Scholar solutions. Poet ensures maximum impact by personalizing scenarios and simulations to each organization while retaining the full power of behavioral insights.
  • I.Q. – An easy-to-use business intelligence portal with intuitive dashboards and benchmarking tools to analyze performance, prove learning ROI, and deliver predictive compliance insight that enables the organization to minimize risk and optimize resource utilization.
  • Coach – A rich set of communication and reinforcement tools that range from a Microlearning Library with more than 40 micro-courses to manager toolkits to micro-moments like the Gary Turk “Step Up” collection.

“As a former compliance practitioner, I was constantly trying to think of ways to connect with learners in a more authentic way … and I have to tell you it’s not easy,” said Harper Wells, True Office Learning’s Director of Compliance Strategy and Insights. “So many training solutions are just one-way information hydrants that tend to focus heavily on presenting laws and regulations. That is not what we do at True Office Learning, and I have been thrilled to collaborate with Gary on this project because this is the type of content I wanted and needed to build an ethical culture. This is how you humanize compliance—in small, bite-sized chunks.”

In addition to these core solutions, True Office Learning’s customers also benefit from the world’s largest compliance performance benchmarking database. The database covers such critical topics as corporate ethics and compliance, workplace conduct, information security, and data privacy. For more information about True Office Learning and its “Step Up” offering with Gary Turk, visit

About True Office Learning

Based in New York City, True Office Learning is the creator of award-winning adaptive learning and behavioral intelligence technology for enterprises, driving elevated employee performance for more than 300 leading organizations. Its cloud-based, platform-independent software transforms boring, passive training into active, learn-by-doing digital experiences that yield previously immeasurable behavioral insight and predictive analytics for organizations. With an unwavering focus on the human element and quantifiable efficacy to drive better business outcomes, True Office Learning builds better businesses by helping employees be their very best selves. For more information, visit