BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Oct. 13, 2020 —This week, SPARK Healthcare launches Beacon Learning, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that uses evidence-based gamification technology to enable healthcare advertising agencies and pharmaceutical/medical device companies to educate hard-to-reach customers – especially those in “no see” clinics. In the era of COVID-19, healthcare professionals have become increasingly difficult to reach via in-person sales calls and medical conferences, making this app a valuable tool for product awareness and adoption.

This app uses a results-driven approach that injects competition and fun into the learning experience for physicians.

SPARK Healthcare has a proven 12-year track record of delivering highly successful, ROI-driven solutions in the healthcare industry. The company created Beacon Learning to complement traditional sales and marketing efforts and facilitate access to important information regarding prescription products, medical devices and clinical study results.

Beacon Learning uses a results-driven approach that injects competition, interactivity and fun into the learning experience for physicians and allied healthcare professionals. Players track progress against colleagues via a real-time leaderboard, get real-time remediation when they answer a question and earn points and badges along the way. Game content is customized based on the needs of each commercial team sponsor, and personalized invitations are distributed to target customers using SPARK’s proprietary database of 500,000 clinician contacts.

Facts & Stats:

– A recent broad-based clinician study found that 59% of healthcare professionals want to hear from pharma, but that 51% of them aren’t allowing pharma reps in due to COVID-19 restrictions, making this app a useful education tool for both industries
– A published study analyzing the Beacon Learning model resulted in a 12% improvement in knowledge retention compared to a control group exposed to questions in traditional medical exam format
– A recent national physician survey found that the top two drawbacks to the delivery of commercial product/devices information today is that it is “not engaging/too dry” (21.8%) and “takes too much time during clinic hours” (17.75%)

“Beacon Learning will be highly embraced by all types of clinicians — especially younger people who are new to the profession. This more engaging, fun and competitive approach is the way that physician education needs to be going for pharma products as well as CME.”
– Daniel Muse, MD at Brockton Hospital

View the Beacon Learning app explainer video here. The app is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

About SPARK Healthcare

SPARK Healthcare delivers results-driven, innovative healthcare solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies seeking a competitive edge. The company operates at the intersection of industry, patient advocacy and the healthcare professional community to develop unique solutions that address unmet areas of need and deliver against specific ROI measurements. The multichannel online and offline solutions created by SPARK have won numerous accolades and awards and are frequently featured in prominent peer reviewed medical journals.