OKLAHOMA CITY — Oct. 12, 2021 — A functional and user-friendly safety training program is important for any organization and its employees. Pushing the boundaries on streamlined safety processes, SafetySkills has developed an outcome-based training platform that caters to employees at any level and serves as an enhancement to the company’s existing top-of-the-line training offerings.

For more than 20 years, SafetySkills has provided award-winning content, a powerful learning management system and unsurpassed customer service. SafetySkills Empower customers will now also have an array of essential safety management tools right at their fingertips, including job hazard analysis and incident management tools, dynamically created toolbox talks, easy-to-use OSHA reporting and an updated LMS.

By seamlessly combining online training — always the number one priority at SafetySkills — with tools that directly impact a company’s overall safety program, Empower offers one centralized location for full EHS management, allowing you to make critical business decisions based on real-time data.

Additionally, Empower’s outcome-based design can help you understand if the training you are spending time and money to implement is being utilized properly.

For example, training identified as necessary during a job hazard analysis means workers should be able to avoid those dangers. And if an incident does occur and certain training courses are assigned after an investigation, the avoidance of that same incident in the future tells you the training was successful.

The Empower suite was created with the end user in mind and was developed to have a lightweight design that significantly reduces onboarding time. Many existing EHS management systems can take months to be fully usable, but the Empower suite can be adopted in just weeks, providing businesses the fastest time to value.

Every piece of Empower is intended to be effective for both longtime safety experts and those with no industry experience thanks to the intuitive interface and logical navigation. And while the system comes preloaded with hundreds of safety hazards and hazard controls, plus templates for hazard analysis, incident investigation and more, each organization can choose to add, remove and utilize these pieces as best works for them.

About SafetySkills

SafetySkills is a leading e-learning provider offering an extensive library of OSHA, EHS and HR compliant courses. Their outcome-based training and EHS management platform allows users to assign interactive compliance training, customize reporting, print completion certificates, complete various reporting systems and much more. With in-house subject matter experts, instructional systems designers and content developers, the award-winning SafetySkills team has deployed more than 750 online training titles in multiple languages around the world.