Mountain View, CA – June 13, 2019 – Concern, a proven leader in workplace emotional wellbeing solutions, announces the launch of LumaTM, a proprietary digital front door to their evidence-based behavioral health platform.  Luma connects Concern’s comprehensive services into a personalized solution customized for every employee.  This approach reaches more employees before problems escalate.

“Luma is a powerful expression of our commitment to deliver employee wellbeing services—mental, emotional, financial, and social—in a way that’s both accessible and appealing,” said Cecile Currier, Concern’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Concern has always had high levels of engagement, but as stress and anxiety increase in the workplace, we knew that even more employees needed our help, but weren’t reaching out. We worked with our customers to identify potential barriers and discovered that employees wanted a simpler, technology-forward solution to help them easily navigate to resources targeted to help them in the moment.”

This inspired Concern to reimagine their delivery approach and brand identity, streamlining both and creating Luma to guide every employee to highly-personalized care, regardless of acuity.  Through a simplified, secure digital intake, Luma leads users to a curated selection of resources—from topical multi-media content, and digital therapeutics, to a list of premier counselors matched to each user’s needs.

“Whether employees need one-on-one counseling, are looking for self-help options to bolster resilience or are somewhere in between,” Currier continued, “Luma helps direct them to the exact options that will best serve them in the moment. Whereas traditional behavioral health solutions tend to focus on counseling for those who’ve reached a crisis, Luma engages users earlier, often helping them before counseling intervention is needed. It’s a game-changer for companies and their employees.”
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