New York – April 18, 2019 – People First RH has launched new software that transforms the process of reporting workplace harassment.  People First creates transparency and accountability to drive resolutions and protect employees from retaliation.

People First was founded in 2018 with the mission of creating workplace equity. Unlike existing products focused on easier reporting forms and more reporting channels, People First addresses the core issues perpetuating harassment: fear of retaliation, and lack of resolutions. The software uses visible workflow, automatic escalation, and a high-level, anonymized summary of a company’s harassment statistics that are published to public websites to create accountability for better workplace culture.

“Only 10% of workplace harassment is reported, and 75% of employees who report harassment face retaliation,” says Shantanu Rana, CEO of People First. “Our solution makes the reporting process safe, effective, and provides closure.”

Founder of ROKO Labs, Dima Rakovitsky, says about their participation: “We have diverse talent, and our culture is critically important. Our goal in using People First isn’t just to make it easier for employees to report harassment; it’s to make reporting safe and effective.”

“Technology platforms like People First can provide an enormous boost to resolving gender and racial discrimination present in today’s workplace,” says Kamael Sugrim, People First Advisor and former Managing Director of Impact Hub. “With this increased transparency and accountability, both employees and managers can create more equitable cultures and companies.”

People First helps organizations improve critical aspects of workplace relations – including trust, culture, and equity. Research shows that diverse teams enjoy an 80% “uplift” in employee engagement, and 62% of departing employees would have stayed had their company taken steps to create a more positive and respectful work environment. Additionally, organizations can save at least $500,000 in total costs per harassment claim.

About People First RH
People First RH is software for reporting and resolving workplace harassment that uses transparency to drive resolutions and protect employees from retaliation. Founded in 2018, People First is at the forefront of Transparency Tech: technology that creates workplace equity through transparency. People First launched in March 2019 with over ten customers, serving 2,000 employees. Companies wishing to put People First at their organizations can sign up via the website.