Los Angeles – May 8, 2018 – InspireWorkWellness.com launches to inspire wellness in the workplace by providing a simple and cost-effective e-learning platform to promote and motivate employees. Inspire Work Wellness assists both companies and employees in mitigating the rising costs of health care by directly addressing topics related to health, wellness and happiness.

“After working in the ergonomic industry for 14 years, I realized that being pain-free and happy at work was one step toward creating your best life. I started IWW to provide a comprehensive solution for employers that are concerned with their employees’ whole health, both inside and outside of work,” says Inspire Work Wellness Founder, Vanessa Friedman. “Having an on-demand and convenient platform for professionals on health and wellness topics such as ergonomics, nutrition, work/life balance, stress reduction, and living a holistic and healthy lifestyle is the wave of the future.”

How it works:
Just visit www.inspireworkwellness.com for access to hundreds of webinars and videos from experts in nutrition, self-awareness, stress management, networking, mind-body connection, leadership, self-motivation, cravings and addictions, weight and emotional management, smoking cessation, and business and personal relationships.

For employers with over 1,000 employees, Inspire Work Wellness will create a company-branded and identifiable Health and Wellness portal through which their employees will have immediate access to expert webinars, videos, podcasts, apps and coaching specifically tailored to their needs. Additionally, a company may provide their own content, leverage a mixture of both, or integrate Inspire Work Wellness’ classes into their current website.

Further options include the ability to monitor and manage employee engagement via a private admin panel, access detailed reports on participation and engagement.

Inspire Work Wellness Features:

  • Immediate Health & Wellness branded company portal
  • Live, interactive webinars
  • On-demand videos, podcasts and apps
  • Employee engagement monitoring via private admin panel
  • Reporting
  • Rewards and certifications

For a tutorial, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQkJjQeFGOU

About the Creator of Inspire Work Wellness:

Vanessa Friedman is the founder of Inspire Work Wellness. She is also the founder of Ergonomic Connection, which has been providing specialty ergonomic furniture and computer accessories to businesses and individuals since 2003. She is a Kinesiologist with a specialty in Exercise Science.

For more information, visit: http://inspireworkwellness.com