LOS ANGELES — Aug. 18, 2020 — NINJIO, a cybersecurity awareness training company currently serving some of the largest organizations in the world, has announced the launch of NINJO HR. Using their proprietary, habit-forming content methodology, the new vertical creates 3-to 4-minute microlearning videos featuring well-known celebrity actors that cover a variety of topics ranging from sexual harassment and remote work etiquette to D&I and workplace bullying. Additionally, each episode will cover “current affairs” issues. Actors on the current roster include Jon Lovitz, Laticia (Lee) Roelle, Robert Davi and Tia Carrere.

Human Resources industry leader Marta Voda, whose impressive career spans 20 years, will lead NINJIO HR. Previously, Voda held leadership roles in Talent Acquisition and People for Madison Reed and ViacomCBS, as well as various startups. As the NINJIO HR Practice Manager, she will address the challenges that Covid-19 and recent socio-political events have placed on employees and their leaders.

“We have new and unique challenges as we adjust to a remote workplace,” remarks Voda. “Traditional training is obsolete in some cases. Companies need to stay nimble and adapt to unforeseen trends. What organizations need now is a solution that provides relevant, timely, and digestible information so employees can stay informed, compliant, and engaged. I strongly believe that NINJIO’s proven track record of teachable moments will provide critical support and capabilities for organizations seeking creative, effective training on these new and ever-shifting needs.

All NINJIO HR content is spearheaded by Voda, while the episodes are co-written by television writer and producer Bill Haynes, best known for CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-O, and business and trends writer Rebekah Illiff whose credits include Forbes, HuffPost, Mashable, Inc., Entrepreneur, and FastCompany. NINJIO HR animated videos give employees and organizations the opportunity to watch, learn, and engage through compelling storytelling in the time it takes for a quick coffee break.

Zack Schuler, Founder and CEO of NINJIO adds: “With so many workforces going remote, companies need cost-effective, impactful educational content that can deliver results quickly; we believe our approach is an effective way for employees to learn about relevant and timely workplace issues.”

NINJIO HR educates individuals and organizations about HR-related topics in a relatable and engaging way. As a division of cybersecurity awareness training company NINJIO, NINJIO HR creates 3-to 4-minute microlearning videos featuring well-known celebrity actors that cover a variety of topics ranging from sexual harassment and remote work etiquette to diversity/inclusion and workplace bullying. NINJIO currently serves some of the largest companies in the world, and their habit-forming content methodology has effectively changed the behavior of hundreds of thousands of people through captivating, emotionally-driven storytelling.