New Sexual Harassment Prevention Service from myHR Partner Addresses #1 2019 HR Challenge; Offered Amid Increased Regulations, 50% Rise in Legal Claims, #MeToo Visibility

Allentown, PA – January 11, 2019 – To help small and mid-sized organizations address increased regulation and growing legal risks associated with sexual harassment in the workplace, myHR Partner has introduced a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Training and Harassment Prevention Service that delivers a one-stop, integrated, outsourced solution.

The turnkey service responds to burgeoning demand from organizations for assistance in navigating the swiftly changing regulations, such as the sweeping new laws in New York State established in 2018. Imminent regulations include strict rules on the content and wording of specific policy statements, as well as drastic changes in the guidelines for conducting mandatory annual training for all employees. California and Delaware also have significant changes and expansions to their sexual harassment regulations in effect January 1, 2019. More states and localities will likely follow in 2019.

Regulation aside, the frequency of sexual harassment claims is rising nationwide in concert with the highly visible #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, leading to skyrocketing requests for anti-harassment training programs, says Tina Hamilton, PHR, SHRM-CP, president and CEO of myHR Partner.

“From when the news first broke about the Harvey Weinstein scandals to the recent protests over the Brett Kavanagh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, sexual harassment has become a big issue that isn’t going away,” Hamilton says. “It’s scary and confusing for most employers. We find many are struggling to protect and improve their organizations. Calls to us requesting training have quadrupled in the last 18 months. Our service is more than just check-the-box training. It provides the HR expertise to ensure regulatory compliance and create a better, more productive workplace for everyone.”

National statistics support Hamilton’s observations. According to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data, the number of sexual harassment lawsuits filed with the agency has increased more than 50 percent in 2018 compared to 2017. The EEOC has recovered nearly $70 million through litigation and administrative enforcement of sexual harassment issues in 2018, up from $47.5 million the year before.

myHR Partner’s new Harassment Prevention Service intends to keep organizations protected from costly litigation, internal turmoil and hard-to-repair reputation damage. “Our team of experienced, well-versed HR professionals helps employers update and maintain workplace policies and environments, keeping employees feeling respected, safe and happy,” says Hamilton. “We customize our modern, engaging and effective sexual harassment prevention training for employees and management to make sure it meets each organization’s unique needs and compliance requirements.”

Customization occurs following a comprehensive audit of the organizational culture and existing organizational harassment policies. The myHR Partner team then counsels on how to best meet local, state and federal regulations, and develops a plan to identify and mitigate risks.

Depending on the workplace and compliance needs, the Harassment Prevention program may include:

  • Initial and ongoing training of executives to management and employees that is customized, engaging and effective
  • myHR Partner’s myLink hotline service to enhance accountability, documentation and protection
  • Customized accountability processes and procedures implementation and management
  • Bystander and civility training and implementation
  • Ongoing communications on harassment news, risks and strategies
  • Compliance with EEOC requirements, tailored to the preferred formats and styles specified by regulatory agencies — no guessing what is expected

“The EEOC’s requirements make it difficult and time consuming for employers – especially those without a robust HR operation – to deliver anti-harassment programs on their own,” says Hamilton. “For example, the EEOC prefers hands-on, live interactive training versus webinars. These are the types of regulatory items we deal with all the time, and we manage them for clients so they can focus on running their businesses.

“Real harassment prevention centers on having a culture that is free from harassment and creates a welcoming, productive workplace for every employee. A comprehensive look at the culture and workplace is necessary to limit the risks associated with harassment. A third-party partner can assure a focus on results and bring a knowledgeable, unbiased viewpoint separate from the culture that could cause a problem in the first place.”

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