Raleigh, NC – April 29, 2019 – All companies must have compliance measures in place to ensure the welfare of the organization, the people who work there and the customers they serve. While the threats compliance training addresses may be complex, its approach doesn’t have to be. A new series of research briefs from Training Industry, Inc. outlines a data-driven framework that can help companies grasp the risks they face; identify which ones might still be unknown; and determine how training can protect their company, employees and customers.

“Addressing risk is a constant focus area for companies across industries,” said Tom Whelan, Ph.D., director of corporate research at Training Industry, Inc. and the author of the report. “By better understanding the types of risk modern organizations face, as well as how training can address them, learning and development leaders can better serve the needs of their companies.”

Previous research by Training Industry explored how companies use training to manage risk. The new briefs elaborate on this research by providing recommendations for L&D leaders and introducing a risk management model, the Training Industry Typology of Organizational Risk™.

Each research brief in the series “Training Strategies for Safety and Risk Management” includes:

  • The different ways that types of risks can present themselves
  • How prevalent they are both generally and across industries
  • Illustrative, real-world case studies
  • Recommendations for L&D leaders to align their compliance training practices with company goals and strategy

Each brief is available for purchase, with a discounted price for the full series. A research preview and summary is available at no cost.

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