RICHFIELD, Ohio — May 19, 2020 — Navigate360, a full-spectrum safety preparedness and response company, today unveiled a new trauma recovery e-learning curriculum to train professionals in human resources, safety and security, and executive roles in both schools and workplaces on how to recover from a traumatic event. The Recovery: Trauma Response course will guide leaders through how to successfully create a comprehensive recovery strategy for their organization in the event of a Violent Critical Incident.

This interactive, seven-part course prepares leaders for what to do in the immediate hours following a Violent Critical Incident and beyond: ranging from how to apply healthy coping mechanisms and healing activities for dealing with trauma, to constructing a plan for post-incident response, including step-by-step plans for addressing media attention, memorials, anniversaries, and safety drills. The course also includes resources to ensure that recovery and trauma response planning processes are organized and up-to-date.

“In the chaotic wake of a violent incident, having predetermined response procedures to follow is essential. Leaders owe it to their communities to plan for the unthinkable and prepare to recover from traumatic events,” commented JP Guilbault, CEO of Navigate360. “The Recovery: Trauma Response course enables leaders in both schools and the workplace to do the important work of building an effective and evidence-based recovery strategy for their community. Planning ahead prepares communities to build resiliency, care for their members’ needs, and return to normalcy at an appropriate pace.”

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