DES MOINES, Iowa — March 24, 2022 — Navigate Wellbeing Solutions (Navigate), a well-tech company based in Des Moines, IA, today announced the launch of a new product that gives organizations across the country the tools for every employee to create their own personalized wellbeing program — connecting them to the benefits and resources they want and need most.

The new product begins with a proprietary Total Health Survey, which gathers data on lifestyle, medical and family history, biometrics, and goals to create a personalized action checklist. From there, employees will receive a customized plan that includes educational videos, group and personal challenges, recipes, health tracking, and the most meaningful benefits that their employers already offer — a game-changer in the wellbeing industry. This wealth of resources will be curated to address their individual risk factors, improving their overall physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

“Navigate Total Health provides a personalized wellbeing pathway while also building a culture of care throughout the organization. This new product is bringing together the most impactful parts of metrics-based wellbeing programs along with the incentives and personalization that really drive change,” said Troy Vincent, Founder and CEO of Navigate Wellbeing.

Organizations will be able to track real-time participation and risk trends. They’ll also be able to send quick-hit pulse surveys to understand how their team is feeling and performing in each of Navigate’s 8 Pillars of Wellbeing: balance, community, financial, mindfulness, nutrition, physical, purpose, and social.

“Total Health is unique in that it provides actionable metrics for employers without losing sight of the people who use the program. It prioritizes building stronger cultures as well as healthier employees and organizations — now and in the future,” said Jeremy Knipper, Chief Technology Officer.

About Navigate Wellbeing

Navigate is a purpose-driven well-tech company helping organizations create more health and happiness in the employees, clients, and communities they serve. With over 1.5 million active users, the Navigate wellbeing platform aims to bring all aspects of health and happiness together with a single point of entry to a comprehensive engagement and benefits ecosystem. For the past 14 years, Navigate has assisted organizations by connecting their business goals, mission and values with tailored wellbeing solutions for their teams.